‘We talked about how most he hurt’: Jack Nicklaus tells of Tiger Woods’s behind pain

Tiger Woods needs still some-more time off. (Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

The final time Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus were together, a subject of their review wasn’t golf.

It was pain.

“We talked about how most he hurt,” Nicklaus told GOLF.com Saturday, describing their review in early Apr during a Masters Champions cooking during Augusta National Golf Club.

And how bad is it?

Well, Nicklaus quoted an unnamed familiarity who embellished a grave picture. Woods “‘won’t be back’” since “‘he’s in too most pain,’” Nicklaus said, relaying a quote. “‘He can’t mount for 10 minutes.’”

Woods, of course, was incompetent to play in a Masters. “It’s haughtiness pain,” Nicklaus said. “It’s not going divided that easy. Days after he was operated on again.”

Woods now has had during slightest 4 behind procedures in a final 3 years. This one, he said, was “minimally invasive” and concerned an maiden lumbar interbody alloy of dual vertebras. Woods underwent microdisectomies to soothe vigour on a pinched haughtiness in Mar 2014 and Sep 2015. In Oct 2015, he pronounced he had an additional, vague procession as a follow-up. The pain caused by a “severely narrowed” lower-back front that led to sciatica, a haughtiness condition that causes pain in a reduce behind and by a legs, never entirely went divided and Woods announced his latest procedure final month.

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“Conservative therapy, that enclosed rehabilitation, medications, tying activities and injections, unsuccessful as a permanent solution,” an Apr 20 matter posted to Woods’s website said, so Woods opted for a maiden lumbar interbody alloy in that Dr. Richard Guyer of a Center for Disc Replacement during a Texas Back Institute private a shop-worn front to concede dual other vertebrae to radically compound together to heal.

“If we are going to have single-level fusion, a bottom spin is a best place for it to occur,” Guyer pronounced in a statement.

Woods has pronounced that his biggest wish is to live pain-free and to be means to play with his kids. And golf? Well, Nicklaus’s record of winning 18 majors is looking some-more and some-more remote for Woods, who has 14. This latest procession is approaching to sideline him 6 months, a extensive layoff for a male who will spin 42 in late December.

“I told Tiger a thousand times, ‘Nobody wants their annals broken, though we don’t wish we not to be means to have a opportunity,’” Nicklaus said. “I feel bad for Tiger since we have to have magnetism or feelings for anybody who’s pang and quite a associate competitor.”


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