Watch This Toyota Land Cruiser Set a 230 MPH SUV Top Speed Record

The Toyota Land Cruiser is famous among a automobile village for a reliability, practicality, and off-road capabilities. Used to travel rivers, cranky deserts, and cut by snow, a Land Cruiser was never meant to be a speed machine. That didn’t stop Toyota from branch one of a Land Cruisers into a 230 mph record-breaking speed demon.

The truck, called a “Land Speed Cruiser,” was initial introduced final year during SEMA 2016. The car started out a batch 2016 Land Cruiser before being heavily mutated by a group during Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Center.

The Land Speed Cruiser still uses a prolongation 5.7-liter V8, despite with dual enormous Garrett turbochargers trustworthy on possibly side. With a boost incited all a approach up, a lorry is means of an violent 2000 all-wheel horsepower.

Also featured are racing buckets, a hurl cage, a semi-stripped interior, and outrageous wheels during all 4 corners wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. In sequence for a Land Cruiser to strech such crazy speeds, it indispensable to be lowered as well. The formula above pronounce for themselves.

Toyota enlisted a assistance of late Nascar motorist Carl Edwards to set a record, and after a few use runs, he’s means to spike that sorcery 230 mph number. This creates a Land Speed Cruiser a fastest SUV ever, violence out a prior record of 211 mph. Watch for yourself.

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