Watch Shaquille O’Neal Challenge LaVar Ball in Carrie Underwood Lip Sync Video

LaVar Ball, former NBA pro and a father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, renewed nonetheless another beef over a weekend. Having already called out a series of all-time greats like Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry, LaVar motionless it was time to plea another in Lakers fable Shaquille O’Neal. When asked about a foe turn between his younger son LaMelo Ball and O’Neal’s son Shareef O’Neal (both among a best high propagandize prospects in a country), LaVar pronounced he and LaMelo would “kill” a O’Neals in a suppositious 2-on-2 matchup.

That, of course, is absurd. Even if LaMelo won his matchup opposite Shareef, LaVar, who famously averaged 2.2 points and 2.3 rebounds per game in his sole deteriorate during Washington State in a late 1980s, would have to ensure one of a many widespread players in NBA story who can still asperse on people with palliate during a age of 45. O’Neal fundamentally pronounced as most in an Instagram video on Sunday in that he betrothed to “superglue this wig to my conduct forever” if Ball beats him while he mouth synced to Carrie Underwood’s strike strain “Blown Away.”

“It’s usually one BIG BALLER BRAND and that’s me THE SHAQ BRAND,” O’Neal continued. “Wake adult bro. we done some-more giveaway throws in a diversion afterwards a Points we averaged mr 2.2 a game. Respect this initial balloter #relax #justwatchyoursonplay#shhhhhh #youtoloud#youcanneverbeattheonealboyz”

This isn’t a initial time O’Neal and Ball have crossed paths, either. While O’Neal was on house with a Lakers drafting Lonzo, he was vicious of LaVar charging $495 for his comparison son’s signature sneaker. He also combined fuel to a glow by observant Shareef is a improved actor than LaMelo after Shareef; a whole argument initial began when Shareef told TMZ he could take LaMelo in another suppositious matchup.

Unfortunately, we substantially won’t ever see a 2-on-2 diversion manifest between a O’Neals and Balls. But it’s tough to trust someone other than Ice Cube won’t eventually put LaVar Ball’s income where his mouth is by severe him on a court. If that day does ever come, let’s wish someone is around to request it, since it would positively make for interesting viewing.

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