WATCH: Saturday Night Live produces waggish skit featuring depictions of Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley

Saturday Night Live had some fun with dual former SEC basketball stars.

NBC’s famous comedy uncover constructed a blueprint this weekend that decorated TNT’s Inside a NBA, that facilities former LSU player Shaquille O’Neal and former Auburn player Charles Barkley as analysts. The slight in a shave next shows comedian Kevin Hart personification O’Neal with stilts — suitable for O’Neal’s 7-foot-1 tallness — and actor Kenan Thompson personification Barkley.

Give a clip a glance and try not to smile. Well done, all.

The criticism by Thompson to Hart as O’Neal being “like a minute ‘F’ came to life” is fantastic. Here’s guessing a real-life O’Neal and Barkley enjoyed examination this one.

You know you’ve done it large when you’re SNL big.

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