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The commencement of 2018 is looking a lot like a finish of 2017 for both a Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings.

That’s good for a surprisingly effective Kings. They competence onslaught to benefit belligerent on a even-more-surprising Vegas Golden Knights, yet for an L.A. group that looked to be in high decline, wins like Tuesday’s 5-0 feat opposite a Oilers pull them closer to a playoff return. And, hey, maybe they’ll close down during slightest a spin of home-ice advantage.

For Edmonton, a confidence-boosting four-game winning strain now looks like a blip on a radar, as they’ve matched it with a four-game losing streak.

The final dual victories have been generally rough, descending 5-0 to a Winnipeg Jets and 5-0 to a Kings. They’ve usually generated a singular standings indicate during this skid, so this isn’t one of those slumps that indeed ends adult being prettier than it competence initial seem.

In a box of Tuesday’s game, a measure was a small misleading, nonetheless that indeed competence spin a blade in deeper.

This was a well-played, parsimonious competition about median through, with Connor McDavid and others roughly restraining things adult after a good Andy Andreoff 1-0 goal. Patrick Maroon finished adult delivering a genocide blow to his group with a bad strike on Drew Doughty; a Kings finished adult scoring a resounding 3 goals on a indirect five-minute vital penalty.

Doughty was means to play during slightest a bit during a third period, so a Kings competence evasion a bullet (and Maroon competence suffer aloft contingency of avoiding a suspension). Whatever happens as distant as a probable damage or cessation goes, L.A. can happily gloat about holding full advantage of Maroon’s mistake.

A second Dustin Brown idea done it 5-0, putting additional salt in Edmonton’s wounds, yet one wonders how opposite this diversion competence have been if Maroon didn’t broach that unnecessary, high hit.

That’s partial of a account with this Oilers, team, though: they’ve had a unhappy gusto for spontaneous errors. Kris Russell‘s own-goal cost Edmonton a standings point, if not a win, opposite a Maple Leafs. Maroon’s vital was hugely disastrous tonight. Bad trades arguably deprived this group of essential depth.

Three of these 4 waste have come in Edmonton, and a Oilers are during risk of losing each competition during a four-game homestand. With 5 true highway games after that, things could get extremely grave for a Oilers once again.

Edmonton has to wish that 2018 doesn’t continue as it begins. The Kings wouldn’t mind, though, generally if Doughty ends adult being fine.

James O’Brien is a author for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.

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