Warriors will find out what Anderson Varejao has left

8:11 PM ET

ATLANTA — What does Anderson Varejao move to a Golden State Warriors? First, we have to work underneath a arrogance that he still has something left. There’s a good possibility he doesn’t, in that box a answer would simply be “nothing.”

But if Varejao, who pronounced Sunday he concluded to join a Warriors for a veterans smallest after being expelled by a Cavaliers, looks anything like his progressing Cleveland incarnations, he fits a purpose in Golden State. Theoretically, a Warriors were a group that had everything, a group that didn’t need a disruption. That all altered after Festus Ezeli harmed his left knee opposite a San Antonio Spurs on Jan. 25 and Andrew Bogut gifted Achilles tenderness after Friday’s detriment in Portland.

Now, a Warriors need a center. One of a reasons Golden State cut Jason Thompson to make room for Varejao’s attainment was Thompson’s standing as a 4-man. Also, maybe some-more importantly, Thompson struggled to grasp Golden State’s offense and defense. That’s distinct deliberation how so most of what happens on a Warriors is improvised, though within an overarching structure. It’s tough to play for this sold group if we miss an modernized feel for a game.

The Warriors trust Varejao, 33, has that feel. On a matter of how to incorporate a visitor into a group whose offense borders on telepathy, Kerr said, “We do consider he’s a kind of male who’ll collect things adult quickly.”

Kerr also believes that what a Warriors do meshes with Varejao’s approach.

“Fortunately, he’s a male who has a healthy instinct for a game,” Kerr said. “We play a lot of freestyle offense anyway, strike a large male and start using a cuts. That’s what he’s best at.”

So a thought seems to be that Varejao, who has nonetheless to join his new group tentative a physical, could work in something of a Bogut-type role: get a round adult top, wait for leap handoffs and Golden State’s array of cuts. The Warriors are anticipating to deliver Varejao from a NBA’s throw store by creation him a hub.

Still, a training bend will be high for a Brazilian large man, a plan for a Warriors down a stretch.

“He’s going to have to learn a sets that we do run, and we’ll put him by a use [Tuesday] and give him a video playbook and assistance him along,” Kerr said. “Coaches will get with him and assistance him by stuff.”

It stays to be seen how smooth Varejao will be in Golden State’s offense, though he already has a opposite kind of linguistic advantage: He’s fasten associate Brazilian Leandro Barbosa, a crony he has famous given they were both 14 years old.

Barbosa, whose English is mostly teased by teammates, is joyous during a awaiting of welcoming a crony and associate Portuguese speaker. He looks brazen to creation jokes that fly over a heads of his teammates.

“We gone’ be vocalization Portuguese on a court,” Barbosa said, with a smile. “So no one will know what we articulate about. So we can speak A LOT of things, we know?”

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