Warriors elite a Clippers: ‘There’s no nightlife in Utah’

4:20 PM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — It’s protected to contend that a Golden State Warriors were pulling for a LA Clippers to allege past a Utah Jazz in a initial turn of a Western Conference playoffs.

Their rooting interest, however, had zero to do with matchups on a basketball court. Rather, it had all to do with where they will spend their convenience hours when a second-round array shifts to Games 3 and 4.

Which do they prefer: The nightlife of Salt Lake City, or Los Angeles?

“No comparison. There’s no such thing, man,” Warriors’ brazen Matt Barnes told ESPN. “There’s no nightlife in Utah. Obviously, as players, we wish to be means to have a tiny bit of a nightlife, though a categorical concentration is winning games. Me personally, we wish to get out there since we wish to kick a Clippers. That’s my former team, and my kids are out there. But as distant as nightlife, there’s no comparison to nightlife in Utah and L.A.”

Barnes doesn’t know what he’ll do with his gangling time on a highway this series.

“You lay in your room,” he pronounced on Sunday. “I consider there’s an Olive Garden out there and afterwards a Benihana. So you’ll really be sealed in [on a game] all a way. L.A., we have a few some-more cooking options. You’ve got a beach right there and a sun, and we got family. we consider as players, we’re pulling to go to L.A.”

League confidence officials have termed visiting Salt Lake City as “security heaven.” Unlike large markets, confidence crew don’t have to keep tabs on players as mostly in smaller cities. And should a actor select to go out, a tiny city landscapes make it easier for confidence to survey.

“Right, they can nap [in Utah],” Barnes pronounced of group security. “They can’t rest in L.A. You have to stay on your toes. But this is a group that’s been there and finished that and know what it takes to win. we don’t consider we have to worry about us removing in trouble. It’s only a welfare for us.”

Draymond Green has prepared himself reasonably for a Warriors-Jazz bout.

Last week he told ESPN he began eating some-more red beef to boost his red blood dungeon count to scrupulously supply his physique for a Utah altitude. As distant as his nightlife credentials goes, he couldn’t caring less.

“It’s a playoff,” he said. “Nobody disturbed about nightlife during a playoffs.”

Iguodala never pronounced he wasn’t a fan of Salt Lake City. He mentioned a good bars, Park City, a singular restaurants, film theaters and a cleanliness of a city as appealing attributes.

He likely that their time in a city during this array will be used as some-more of a fastening period.

“We kind of welcome it like, ‘Yo, we got to do something together since it ain’t zero else to do,'” Iguodala said. “So it indeed works for us. So that’s kind of how that works. Similar to OKC, it’s a same way. Matter of fact, we don’t consider I’ve ever been to a film in OKC.”

Despite not receiving their auspicious destination, there was an acknowledgment that spending 4 days in Los Angeles competence not have been a best unfolding while in a midst of perplexing to strech a Finals for a third uninterrupted year.

“The hurdles in L.A. are obvious,” Iguodala said. “Before we know it, it’s 2 or 3 o’clock in a morning and we didn’t even comprehend it was that late since there’s so most to do. You can do whatever. It doesn’t even have to be anything that exerts appetite as distant as physique movement, though mentally we can strive appetite since you’re interacting with opposite people. You’re out, and afterwards that could lead to trouble.”

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