Warriors’ Kevin Durant enjoys New York though stays silent on future

10:16 AM ET

NEW YORK — Kevin Durant gave a New York Knicks a glance of what they wish their destiny will demeanour like on Friday night while reminding a Golden State Warriors and a rest of a NBA usually how widespread he can be when he takes over.

The All-Star brazen scored 41 points, including 25 in a fourth quarter, as a sellout throng of 19,812 during Madison Square Garden watched a Warriors’ 128-100 win in awe.

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  • “You know when we locate each immature light when you’re perplexing to get somewhere?” Durant pronounced of his fourth-quarter performance. “That’s accurately what it feels like.”

    One diversion after teammate Stephen Curry forsaken 51 points in 3 buliding during a win over a Washington Wizards, it was Durant who left a New York City throng wanting some-more as a Warriors roared past a Knicks, outscoring them 47-16 in a fourth.

    “What do we consider we suspicion of Durant’s performance?” Warriors manager Steve Kerr, a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan, pronounced while channeling his middle Tommy Lasorda. “My God — 41 [points] and 25 in a fourth. Some of those shots — crazy. He was usually spectacular.”

    Like Curry dual nights earlier, Durant got prohibited and kept rolling.

    “I usually took dual shots in a third. we wasn’t assertive enough,” Durant said. “I wanted to come out there and levy my will, measure a ball. we felt like we indispensable it. Especially that organisation entrance out in a fourth. we felt like we indispensable a punch scoring a basketball, so we attempted to be aggressive. Shoot good shots during a same time.”


    Kevin Durant describes his proceed in a fourth entertain that led to scoring 25 points by himself while a Warriors totaled 47.

    Durant finished 17 of 24 from a margin and 5 of 9 from 3-point range. He also collected 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

    “He put on a show,” Curry said.

    As he did after Thursday night’s use in Manhattan, Durant didn’t tip his palm per his destiny as many continue to assume that if he were to leave a Warriors this summer as a giveaway agent, a Knicks would be a group he chooses.

    “It was great,” Durant pronounced of a atmosphere during a Garden. “It’s always good in here. The crowd’s always shrill — they suffer each play, no matter what group it is. If it’s good play, they’re entertaining for it. That’s pure, we like that.”

    Both Durant and his teammates have been transparent about perplexing to suffer a benefaction and not worrying about what might occur in a future. Curry appreciates how Durant is traffic with a consistent gibberish about what a two-time Finals MVP decides about a future.

    “The approach he’s rubbed it, apparently vouchsafing his play pronounce for itself,” Curry said. “Not removing too wrapped adult or concerned with it, bargain we got 7 some-more months of this so we know how to keep distractions out of the locker room and usually play basketball and suffer what we do.”

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