Virginia Tech comparison reflects on dual trips to a Olympics

BLACKSBURG, Va. – One Virginia Tech comparison who graduates on Friday has been reflecting on his past 4 years in school.

Harvey Creasey of Richmond had a singular event to attend a Olympics twice as a partial of NBC’s coverage of a games. 

“This week has really been sentimental for sure,” Creasey said. “I have zero though good things to contend and I’m really beholden for a time I’ve had here.”

Creasey initial served as an NBC novice during a 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. This year he served as an novice with NBC’s “Today” uncover during a 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

“This time we was a runner, for a “Today” uncover specifically, that is fundamentally extended adequate that we could do anything that they indispensable me to,” Creasey said.

That enclosed interacting with Team USA athletes, and removing them and other “Today” uncover guest from place to place.

“All of them were only really practical and it was really cold to see them kind of in a non-competition setting,” Creasey said. 

He also had a possibility to bond with “Today” uncover horde and Virginia Tech connoisseur Hoda Kotb.

“We all demeanour adult to her as kind of a apex of journalism, generally entrance from Virginia Tech,” Creasey said.   

Creasey pronounced even amid a daily hustle, he sensed a ancestral developments function between North and South Korea. He had an event to watch their one women’s hockey group play.

“What was even some-more fascinating than examination them play, was examination a fans hearten for them together,” Creasey said. “They had these flags done adult that were not a North Korean or South Korean flags, it was only a blue Korean peninsula on a white flag.” 

Harvey pronounced he knows dual trips to a Olympics during his college years was a event of a lifetime.

“I owe a lot to my friends and family for enlivening me to do things like that,” Creasey said.

Humberto Zarco, another Virginia Tech senior, also interned with NBC during a Games. He worked in a general promote center.

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