Video: Watch DeMarcus Cousins as he decides to join a Warriors

DeMarcus Cousins repelled a NBA universe when it was announced that he was signing a one-year understanding with a Golden State Warriors. At initial it seemed like he had taken a large bonus to join a reigning champs, though afterwards a contribution began to drip out.

The group he played for final year, a New Orleans Pelicans, weren’t meddlesome in gripping him around. Other teams didn’t wish to take a risk on an harmed actor with a argumentative reputation. When a dirt settled, a Warriors were a best fit.

It was a furious time for Cousins, one of a some-more fascinating players in a league. Known as Boogie, a puzzling Cousins is desired by many, hated by many, and always wears his emotions on his sleeves. He is undoubtedly one of a many gifted players in a league, in his primary years, though recuperating from one of a many debilitating injuries in sports. He would certainly have landed a limit agreement in giveaway group had he not been injured, though instead had to settle for a $5.3 million mini-mid turn difference that Golden State could offer.

So naturally, a days surrounding his preference were intense, emotional, and captivating. And thankfully, it’s prisoner on video, as SHOWTIME Sports is operative on a Cousins documentary that will prominence this crazy time. In expectation for a documentary, a association expelled a video with some of a tender moments surrounding giveaway agency, including a phone call that hermetic a deal.

It’s must-watch TV. Check it out.

Note: This video facilities really clever language.

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