Video: Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef O’Neal, hands his new Jordan’s to immature fan

Shareef O’Neal, son of NBA Hall-of-Famer and Los Angeles Lakers fable Shaquille O’Neal, competence usually be 17 years old, though he’s already behaving like a luminary usually like his larger-than-life dad.

The high propagandize standout was recently speckled handing out a span of game-worn Jordan’s – Jordan’s that were recently expelled that really same day – to a propitious immature fan after one of his high propagandize games during a Hoophall West contest over a weekend.

Shaq was famously a male of a people, and it seems as if that trait has successfully been upheld down to his son. It seems uncanny for a teen to have fans fervent to have his game-worn sneakers, though these are times we live in nowadays. Plus, they’re Jordan’s, so it’d be crazy to pass those up.

The propitious fan was held off-guard by a array of events. He could usually acknowledgement that it was “surprising” to go home with those game-worn Jordans given by a scion of Superman himself.

Shareef looks set to go to college subsequent season and is now committed to a University of Arizona. After that subsequent step, it competence not be too prolonged until he’s handing out his game-worn boots to fans during an tangible NBA game.

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