Vegas shows Golden State no respect, lists Warriors as loser opposite Spurs

The Golden State Warriors are on gait to set a NBA record for many wins in a season, violation a 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72.

But according to Las Vegas sportsbooks, a Warriors will get usually one diversion closer to 72 wins this weekend, when they’ll play a Texas back-to-back, starting Friday in Dallas.

Golden State non-stop as four-point underdogs to a Spurs for their Saturday night diversion in San Antonio.

The other time a Warriors have non-stop as underdogs:

Dec. 31 – Houston -3.5
Jan. 18 – Cleveland – 3.5

The Warriors won (and covered) both contests.

The Dubs being underdogs to a Spurs shouldn’t be most of a surprise. San Antonio is usually 4 games behind a Warriors for a tip mark in a Western Conference, and a Spurs being during home is value between 2 and 3 points per game, depending on that betting consultant we ask.

And notwithstanding a Warriors’ forlorn record, there are some around a NBA who trust a Spurs are still a improved team, citing San Antonio’s extraordinary dais and a Warriors’ viewed miss of abyss in comparison.


Ezra Shaw

But even yet it’s a second diversion of a back-to-back and they’re personification a group that’s carrying a ancestral deteriorate itself, who would ever give a Warriors points? Have we seen Steph Curry play basketball? He can spin a 10-point necessity into a 10-point lead in a time it takes we to squeeze a drink from a fridge.

I was already formulation on examination Saturday’s diversion — one of 3 matchups between a dual teams down a widen — though now we competence put some skin in a game. Never, ever gamble opposite a 3 God. 

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