US Open serves adult biggest prizes in tennis history

Serena Williams: 'I like to let my pole do a talking'

The world’s best tennis players are removing a compensate lift during a US Open.

The contest will now offer $46.3 million in sum prizes for this year’s competition, that kicks off Aug 29, a U.S. Tennis Association pronounced Tuesday. That’s a 10% travel over final year’s esteem pool.

It was already a many remunerative of a sport’s 4 grand impact tournaments, that also includes a Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. That creates this year’s US Open a highest-paying foe in tennis history.

Under a US Open’s new endowment structure, a men’s and women’s singles champions will accept $3.5 million each, and runners adult will get $1.7 million. Each of a tip 8 finishers also accept a apportionment of a purse with a smallest singles esteem being $43,300.

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The doubles teams will take home $625,000 and a runners adult will get $310,000. Prizes are offering down to a seventh place team, that will get $15,150.

The USTA has upped a remuneration for victors incrementally over a past few years. The idea is to offer $50 million value of prizes by 2017.

USTA orator Chris Widmaier pronounced a classification “made a joining to a players” to make a increases. That preference was done in response to critique from tip tennis athletes that vital tennis competitions do not flare over adequate of their income to athletes.

us open prize

The US Open’s income is generated from sheet sales, corporate sponsorships and radio contracts — and Widmaier pronounced a “lion’s share” of that income is “invested behind into a sport” by appropriation girl tennis programs and other initiatives directed during bolstering a sport’s popularity.

Other vital tennis competitions have also determined players’ concerns by boosting prerogative money.

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London’s Wimbledon, that was a top profitable tennis contest until a US Open overtook it in 2008, hiked prizes about 6.5% this year. But a value of Wimbledon’s purse was harm by a outcome of a Brexit opinion final month, that has caused a British bruise to strew about 9% of a value opposite a U.S. dollar.

When London’s Wimbledon contest resolved on Sunday, singles victors Serena Williams and Andy Murray took home £1.88 million (or $2.49 million) each, and a doubles victors took home £340,000 (or $451,000).

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