UFC 229: Conor McGregor’s tardiness a large missed event for UFC’s lofty PPV goal

LAS VEGAS — For all of a wish from Conor McGregor and Dana White that this weekend’s UFC 229 pay-per-view label was tracking upwards of 3.5 million buys, Thursday’s final press discussion seemed to badly skip a golden eventuality to make that a plausible number. Billed as usually a second time a dual fighters would seem in a same room given McGregor’s barbarous transgression train conflict in April, a press discussion inside a Park MGM Theater unsuccessful to broach a face-off (and successive fireworks) that intensity consumers were anticipating to see. 

Nurmagomedov (26-0), who will be creation a initial invulnerability of a UFC lightweight pretension he won after McGregor was nude of a strap, showed adult on time and indignant for a start of a event, revelation a pro-McGregor crowd, “I don’t wait for nobody. Three p.m. we be here. Let’s go. we not wait for nobody. This press discussion starts now.”

After 15 mins of responding questions while a throng attempted to drown him out, a local of Russia delivered on his threats to leave when McGregor never showed. Just past a 30-minute mark, McGregor finally arrived to a outrageous hearten and a former two-division champion answered a solid tide of questions. He was as tainted as ever though considerably toned down from his some-more fast opening on Sept. 20 in New York. 

It was during that initial press discussion during Radio City Music Hall where UFC chose to anathema a ubiquitous open out of confidence fears, Thursday’s written rematch was set in front of a packaged and enterprising throng though it unsuccessful to broach many some-more than an infomercial for McGregor’s new line of whiskey. 

So who’s to blame? The answer is a bit formidable and approaching needs to be common by all parties. 

McGregor’s try to play mind games with another behind grand entrance, identical to before events opposite Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez, backfired in a clarity that he never give himself a possibility to block off with Nurmagomedov in front of a narrow-minded crowd. And while Nurmagomedov’s preference not crawl to McGregor and instead change his concentration to creation weight by withdrawal is a important one, a champion done a kind of preference that eventually could cost him income by doing a smallest to foster a fight. 

White, a UFC’s ardent president, deserves equal censure for not policing his star warrior unchanging with others in his company. Not usually was McGregor unpunished for his conflict in Brooklyn that harmed 3 and influenced 4 fights in sum on a UFC 223 card, he was rewarded for his actions with a quarrel that was hailed as a biggest in a sport’s story a impulse it was signed. 

On Thursday, White not usually didn’t bat an eye in McGregor’s instruction after he stormed on a theatre late with a whiskey bottle in palm to comically censure a Las Vegas traffic, he didn’t have an emanate when asked about McGregor’s punctuality. 

“I don’t give a shit right now,” White said. “[Nurmagomedov] usually pronounced what he had to say. [McGregor] is going to uncover adult here in a notation and answer everybody’s questions. Then, [Friday], we are going to have these dual face off during a weigh-ins and on Saturday they are going to fight. This is all we caring about — a weigh-ins and a fight.”

The routinely stone-faced Nurmagomedov (26-0) continued a uncharacteristic function he showed during Wednesday’s open examination by removing into it with McGregor’s fans. Although a 30-year-old certified he’s still dissapoint about a train conflict and that a quarrel was personal, he mostly downplayed any speak that McGregor’s antics have gotten him off his game.

“Is he inside my head? We’re gonna see,” Nurmagomedov said. “On Saturday night, we are going to see this. we don’t consider about him, we have a schedule. we have to make weight. we have to worry about myself. Why we have to worry about him? If someone is late, that’s not my problem.

“He can contend whatever he wants. When alcoholic talks, nobody cares.”

Asked if he still designed to woe McGregor over 5 rounds by “sentencing him to 25 mins in jail,” Nurmagomedov pronounced his prophecy for how he wins is contingent on McGregor’s toughness.

“I consider commencement of initial turn we have to be clever with him since he has good timing and good fighting though my wrestling is my pressure,” Nurmagomedov said. “He has to kill me to stop me. we am going to finish this male and stop this male and this is my plan. Maybe, maybe, maybe [the quarrel goes to a] decision. It all depends on either he will give up.”

McGregor (21-3) was cruel in how he spoke about both Nurmagomedov (“the small chicken-jawed rodent that he is”) and his manager Ali Abdelaziz (“he’s an adviser and a f—-ing snitch militant and I’d like to quarrel that rodent bastard”). He also ridiculed Nurmagomedov for not watchful for him. 

“He knows what he sealed adult for, it is what it is,” McGregor said. “I’m usually a few mins late for f—‘s sake. He doesn’t wish to be around me. He doesn’t wish to be around these people. He is petrified. It is what it is, f— it. we don’t give a f— about this guy. we am f—ing ruthless. we am entrance to put a reason on this man’s skull. I’m starving for this man’s head. I’m going to eat that male alive.

“I saw a male that doesn’t wish to be here, to be honest. You usually steam yourself in that sauna and soak we f—ing Dagestani rat. You didn’t have a bollocks to stay out here.”

McGregor confirmed his prophecy of a knockout by observant he skeleton “on knocking that man’s nose true into a nosebleeds” and privately addressed how he has prepared for Nurmagomedov’s widespread wrestling game.

“I have been grappling and wrestling many bigger fighters for months straight,” McGregor said. “225-pound fighters. we also don’t give a bollocks. I’ve gifted it all. I’ve been in each unfolding we can be underneath a brightest lights in a world. we am a veteran.”

Asked either he would demeanour to make assent with Nurmagomedov and bury their hate after a might, McGregor drew a biggest response of a day.

“F— peace, there will never be assent here,” McGregor said. “I always contend we should aim for assent though if we can’t aim for peace, aim between a eyes. This is never over; never, ever, ever over.”

Already a richest warrior in UFC story and a many commercial PPV star, McGregor suggested he expects to make upwards of $50 million for a quarrel and expects to be a billionaire in 5 years. He also approaching a Nurmagomedov quarrel to some-more than double his possess UFC record of 1.6 million buys in his 2016 rematch opposite Nate Diaz. 

If any warrior could furnish upwards of 3 million buys for a UFC fight, it’s positively McGregor, who assimilated Floyd Mayweather in producing an absurd 4.4 million buys for their fighting compare final August. According to White’s metrics, Saturday’s quarrel has a outrageous chance. 

“I don’t wish to contend that we could presumably do Mayweather-McGregor numbers though we could presumably do Mayweather-McGregor numbers,” White said.

Yet for McGregor to proceed numbers that violent with Nurmagomedov, it’s tough to demeanour past a thought that Thursday’s eventuality was a missed opportunity. 

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