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The U.S. Open of Surfing is anyone’s to win or remove – a possibility for an opposite surfer to get hoisted adult on a sand, or any of a world’s best to showcase to a roller universe since they’re on top.

In all, about 200 surfers transport from around a creation to compete, some pushing from adult a travel to take on a waves during a Huntington Beach Pier, others fast prolonged flights to strike a Southern California saltwater for a event.

The eventuality is a QS10,000 for a men, that means large points for surfers looking to boost their ratings on a subordinate series, points that can also assistance some surfers say or seize a mark on a World Tour. For a women, it’s a World Tour contest, definition large points as they conflict in a competition for a universe title.

For a juniors pro event, some of a competitors aren’t nonetheless aged adequate to expostulate themselves to a U.S. Open and have dreams of one day creation it as a pro surfer. A good display in a pro youth puts their name on a map and shows sponsors they are an contestant to be taken seriously.

That was once Santa Ana’s Courtney Conlogue, 24, who started competing in a eventuality when she was a pre-teen.

“I demeanour behind during how prolonged I’ve been concerned in a U.S. Open of Surfing, and only a story of a whole eventuality and all a opposite practice I’ve had. It’s unequivocally special for me,” she said. “I grew adult examination a U.S. Open and it was a initial time we was concerned with a high-rated, now World Tour event.”

Sorry roller fans, 11-time universe champion Kelly Slater will again be a no-show. Though he won a eventuality in 2011, he hasn’t shown adult a past few years, and a recently damaged feet will keep him out of a H2O for months.

But there are copiousness of other surfers to hearten on, from locals to large names, to past winners and stand-out hopefuls. Here are only a few surfers to watch for:


Kanoa Igarashi of Huntington Beach has come painfully tighten to winning a past dual years, stumbling in a semifinals of a men’s categorical eventuality both times.

“It’s only fuel for a fire,” he said. “It will make a win that most sweeter when it comes.”

His initial U.S. Open eventuality was when he was 11, as an swap in a juniors event.

“I skipped school, that was cool,” he pronounced with a laugh.

Though he mislaid in a initial turn that year, it was a initial time he got a ambience of competing in a large event.

“It was a cold knowledge for me that I’ll never forget,” he said.

Eight years later, Igarashi, now 19, is ranked among a tip 34 surfers on a World Surf League World Tour. He needs large points during a U.S. Open of Surfing to assistance boost him in a ratings to re-qualify.

“I feel unequivocally good, we have good play during a moment. The foresee looks unequivocally good,” he said. “I have a lot of motivation. … I’m around friends and family and we can’t wait for a competition to get going.”

Another Huntington favorite is Brett Simpson, who has had a tough few years on a rival circuit after descending off debate dual years ago.

He frequently draws a crowd, including cheerleaders who reason adult signs and do exercices on a sand. He won a eventuality in 2009 and 2010.


Conlogue is anticipating for a win in a eventuality to boost her ratings in her run for a universe title. The Santa Ana surfer is ranked fourth on a women’s World Tour.

She will go adult opposite Ventura’s Sage Erickson and Australia’s Bronte Macaulay when a women’s eventuality kicks off.

For Conlogue, it’s a good mangle from roving a universe in a contention that takes her to a comfortable waters of Fiji and Hawaii to a seashore of Australia.

“I was meditative about how most we competition everywhere else, it’s so cold to come behind to your roots, to were we started,” she said. “The some-more we roller overseas, we conclude surfing in front of my home crowd, during my home break. we haven’t competed in a while, I’m vehement to put a jersey behind on.”

There’s something about behaving in front of that hometown assembly that gives an combined boost.

“They are on a pier, on a beach, it’s surrounding you,” she pronounced of fans cheering. “It resonates by a water, we adore to perform for an assembly like that. It’s awesome, it’s fun and I’m looking brazen to it.”

One of a perks of being home? Eating during her favorite spots, Sugar Shack for breakfast burritos and Bear Flag for their poke and seaweed salad.


A handful of surfers will be creation a trek north from San Clemente for a event.

Kolohe Andino is a highest-ranked surfer from a United States on a World Tour during No. 14. He’s had clever finishes during a U.S. Open in a past, including creation it to a final in 2013 before losing to Brazil’s Alejo Muniz. He’s a second-highest seeded surfer in a event, behind South Africa’s Jordy Smith.

Brothers Tanner and Pat Gudauskas are always standouts during a event, and both will be looking for a plain finish to acquire points and try to make it behind on a World Tour.

Griffin Colapinto is also a surfer to watch, branch heads during a large Hawaii eventuality final winter when he pulled a near-perfect, large aerial for a 9.97 measure on a call that generated a lot of hum and showed he’s prepared for a large leagues.


It’s going to be tough to take down a tarnishing Filipe Toledo, a Brazilian who won a U.S. Open of Surfing pretension final year, his second win after a 2014 victory.

Toledo, who changed to San Clemente a few years ago, is also entrance off a win during a Corona Open J-Bay, where his high-flying skills warranted him a perfect-10 measure after he propelled above a mouth twice – and landed ideally – on one wave. That feat put him seventh in a World Tour ratings.

Smith, a South African who also lives in San Clemente, is a top-seeded surfer during a event, during No. 3 in a world.

Florida surfer Caroline Marks, who changed to San Clemente a few years ago, will be fortifying her juniors title, that she warranted for a second uninterrupted year in 2016. She’s no foreigner to being carried off a silt after victories during a Huntington Beach Pier, earning many inhabitant championships here on a pledge circuit.

“I’m super stoked and have a lot of certainty meaningful this call so well, so hopefully we get some fun bloat for a event,” Marks, 15, pronounced in an talk with WSL. “It feels like I’ve been surfing opposite these girls for so prolonged already and it’s rad to know we’ll be battling for years to come.”


2016: Filipe Toledo and Tatiana Weston-Webb

2015: Hiroto Ohhara and Johanne Defay

2014: Filipe Toledo and Tyler Wright

2013: Alejo Muniz and Carissa Moore

2012: Julian Wilson, Lakey Peterson

2011: Kelly Slater and Sally Fitzgibbons

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