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Tyler Self is headed to a NBA.

But distinct his former Kansas teammates, Josh Jackson and Frank Mason III, who will be donning a jerseys of their new teams, Tyler Self will be wearing a fit and tie.

This spring, in a weeks that followed a finish of Tyler’s five-year personification career during Kansas, a son of Kansas manager Bill Self schooled that an event to work for a San Antonio Spurs was accessible and, though hesitation, he jumped on it.

Officially, Tyler sealed a one-year understanding to be a Basketball Operations Quality Assurance Assistant with a Spurs. His initial day is set for Aug. 14 and it won’t be until he gets down there in early Aug that he’ll know accurately what a day-to-day duties of a pursuit include.

One thing he already knows, however, is that a NBA is a place for him.

“I don’t unequivocally know when we suspicion we wanted to get into a NBA and I’m not certain what done me make that decision,” he recently told a Journal-World. “It’s something opposite and gives me an event to get out and make my possess approach a small bit and get out from underneath my dad’s name somewhat.”

Fully wakeful of his enterprise to join a top turn of a game, Tyler visited a classification for Game 2 of a Spurs’ playoff array with Memphis in May.

“I went down and got to check out a classification and accommodate a garland of people and it only seemed like an extraordinary classification that I’d adore to work for,” Tyler said. “And it’s all kind of depressed together from there.”

With his specific purpose with a group still to be discovered, Tyler pronounced he suspicion his 5 years on a dais during KU have positioned him good to hoop whatever it is a Spurs ask him to do. If he gets to work with a players on a court, that’s something that will come naturally to him. If it’s some-more front-office form things off a court, that’s something he’s fervent to learn. Either way, he believes a practice of a final 5 years will assist him in whatever situations arise.

“I do consider my time during Kansas will unequivocally assistance me in operative with a guys, either that’s on a justice or divided from a court,” Tyler said. “Just being around a diversion and being around a good minds that my coaches have has taught me so much.”

Having tighten ties to Spurs ubiquitous manager R.C. Buford, who worked with Self during Kansas and whose son, Chase, was a walk-on during KU from 2007-10, Tyler’s father pronounced he was anxious to see his son land such a honeyed gig after graduating.

“Landen (Lucas) and Frank are going to continue to play professionally, that is awesome,” pronounced Self of a dual other members of his son’s comparison class. “And Tyler has an event to stay in a business and work with an classification that’s as good as there is in veteran sports. we know he’s vehement to go down there and work with those guys.”

As for either this could be a initial step on a trail that one day leads to coaching, a father-son twin have somewhat opposite perspectives on that during a moment.

“That would be so distant down a line that we haven’t even suspicion about it and it’s a small fantastic to consider about right now,” Tyler said. “But we never know what can happen.”

Added his dad: “I consider he’s got a bug.”

Still operative on his KU Masters grade in Business Administration — he’ll finish that about a same time he finishes with a Spurs — Tyler pronounced a final month or so was spent operative camps and scheming for a large move.

“I’m not gonna be picky about what we wish to do or what they ask me to do, though entrance into it we unequivocally consider that some-more government things is something we wish to do prolonged term,” he said. “But we also would have no problem being on a justice some-more and interacting with players, too. we kind of feel like that’s something we know improved as of now. But whatever happens, happens, and I’m only unequivocally grateful and looking brazen to a opportunity.”

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