TV’s latest extraordinary race: Michael Phelps vs. shark

Michael Phelps, wearing a monofin, will try to kick a speed of a Great White Shark Sunday night on Discovery.Discovery

You competence have listened that Olympic swimming fable Michael Phelps — he of a 23 bullion medals and 39 universe annals — will competition a Great White Shark on television.

Well, arrange of.

“Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” (Sunday during 8 p.m. on Discovery) will array Phelps, 32, opposite a Great White Shark, age unknown, as they both float 100 meters. Phelps swam his partial of a “race” off a seashore of Cape Town, South Africa, while a Great White over his finish of a discount elsewhere in a sea depths.

“We were not side by side during a competition during a same accurate time for a show,” says Phelps, who didn’t wish to hold too most about a special’s technical aspects. “For me, when we was in a water, reserve was apparently a series one priority. But being means to float in open H2O and in a same closeness of sharks … they can float wherever a ruin they wish … was usually an comprehensive treat. we wanted to do it given it sounded awesome.”

Unless a Great White was carrying a bad day (hey, it happens), it’s intensely doubtful that Phelps will best his competition — given Great Whites can float adult to 25 miles per hour while Phelps, during his best, swims an estimated 6.5 miles per hour (which is implausible enough). “I’m during a slight disadvantage,” he jokes about a race. The seductiveness in “Phelps vs. Shark” lies in saying how quick Phelps was means to float in a open ocean, aided by a “monofin” (a float fin that looks like a mermaid’s fin) and a 1-millimeter-thick soppy suit.

‘Hopefully people will have a improved bargain of what sharks are about — and have some honour for these animals.’

 – Michael Phelps

So did Phelps psych himself adult for a race, as he would opposite an Olympic competitor?

“For me, during that point, it wasn’t unequivocally about that,” he says. “It was unequivocally about a cold H2O we was swimming in. That 50-degree H2O was flattering damn cold — it roughly sends a startle by your physique — so we wasn’t super-thrilled about that, though it was a biggest mental thing we had to bargain with. We had to have some additional collection to concede me to have a small bit of a improved possibility to competition him,” he says of his Great White competitor.”

[It took Phelps usually one take to spike his 100-meter swim; no word on either a Great White indispensable some-more time.]

Phelps is also hosting another “Shark Week” special, “Shark School with Michael Phelps” (July 30 during 8 p.m.), where he spends time during a Bimini Shark Lab (in a Bahamas).

“It’s unequivocally kind of training people a dos and don’ts when they’re in a H2O with sharks,” Phelps says. “How to enter [the water] scrupulously and do certain things a right way. If we demeanour during a ubiquitous population, a lot of people consider sharks are out for one thing: to kill we and eat we and punch you, though that’s not unequivocally a case. They get a bad rap, and hopefully some of a things we schooled on a uncover other people can use.

“Other people don’t have a same appreciation for sharks as we do,” he says. “So many animals are killed, generally sharks, and hopefully we can get a summary out to everybody that we don’t wish to kill off this species. Hopefully people will have a improved bargain of what sharks are about — and have some honour for these animals.”

“Phelps vs. Shark” 8 p.m. Sunday on Discovery

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