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1. We called an emergency Tour Confidential roundtable final week to speak all things Tiger following his proclamation that he’ll play a Hero World Challenge during a finish of this month (you can review that here), so let’s burst true to Woods’s podcast appearance on a uncover hosted by UConn women’s basketball manager Geno Auriemma. One of a many topics they overwhelmed on was today’s equipment. “We need to do something about a golf ball,” Woods said. “I usually consider it is going too far.” Woods also pronounced that “the 8,000-yard golf march is not too distant away.” Tiger’s thoughts on a spin are not an outlier (Jack Nicklaus has been singing a identical balance for years), though given his standing are his remarks approaching to change a ruling bodies?

Alan Shipnuck, comparison writer, Sports Illustrated (@AlanShipnuck): No. The toothpaste is already out of a tube. The USGA rolling behind a spin would force a blue coats to acknowledge that, as an institution, they have royally screwed things up. They are not prone to make such an admission. It also risks lawsuit from a spin manufacturers, that no one wants. To use another Tigerism, it is what it is.

Josh Sens, contributing writer, GOLF Magazine (@JoshSens): Agreed that there will be no mandated roll-back for a reasons Alan cites. But maybe a flourishing seductiveness in events designated for a reversion ball? A certain bar in Georgia would have a energy to do that. A new tradition distinct any other, anyone?

Jeff Ritter, digital growth editor, (@Jeff_Ritter): Or, maybe a Fall Series or muster eventuality could try a limited-flight ball, usually to see (wait for it) how it flies. But as mentioned, a juiced spin is substantially here to stay. we do like that Tiger is solemnly holding on some-more of an disciple purpose as time passes. How would he repair delayed play? That’s one emanate where he, along with other players, could rope together and emanate some changes.

Joe Passov, comparison editor, GOLF Magazine (@joepassov): If Jack Nicklaus’s prolonged and unchanging pleas for a spin rollback unsuccessful to lean a USGA, Tiger’s aren’t going to, either. Golf during a tip spin has left a approach tennis did 20-25 years ago. The apparatus altered to a indicate where new pitch techniques were combined to adapt. Power became widespread over shot-making and less-talented players were means to contest on equal balance from time to time. It’s done both sports duller. Tiger’s right to (finally) voice his opinion, since amid all of his energy he was one of a game’s best and many artistic shot-makers, an advantage rather negated today.

Woods also done his lapse to contest play during a Hero in 2016, when he led a margin in birdies though still finished 15th in a 18-player field.

2. In a usually central PGA Tour eventuality Tiger Woods played in 2017, a Farmers Insurance Open, he averaged 299 yards off a tee and missed a cut. Would a younger, longer-hitting Woods have felt a same approach about a complicated ball?

Shipnuck: Modern apparatus took divided many of Tiger’s advantages; he found a honeyed mark some-more often. Bigger, some-more forgiving drivers and juiced manacles helps reduction gifted swingers of a club. He could expostulate a aged balls implausible distances, though a solid-core balls authorised others to locate up. Trackman, putting monitors and other such inclination unbarred mysteries of a diversion that he grasped intuitively. So Tiger has famous for a prolonged time that a diversion is elaborating from art to science, and that offends him.

Sens: we don’t consider a younger, longer-hitting Woods would have suspicion many about anything, other than winning. No doubt a apparatus has developed though so has a form of actor who is drawn to a game. Is Tiger unequivocally annoyed now from a purist’s standpoint? we dunno. No doubt it rankles him that he doesn’t browbeat as he used to. It would annoy anyone who once sat in his perch. But changes in apparatus are usually a unequivocally tiny partial of since he doesn’t order a diversion today.

Ritter: Sens nailed it—Young Tiger was unconditionally focused on apropos a terminator in spikes. You could make a box that golf’s biggest problem in a 90s was a miss of a luminary who could pull new viewers and beget excitement. Tiger took caring of that one.

Passov: A younger Tiger would have benefitted in one approach — he was one of a game’s longest hitters and was positively true adequate when he indispensable it — so he would have embraced a new spin in that regard. Yet, his adore of perplexing a artistic shot, of spinning it, relocating it, holding spin off it, attack those low-trajectory stingers—that was tied to his enjoyment. So overall, no—Young Tiger wouldn’t have favourite a new ball, since it would have discontinued his rival advantage and separated some of a fun.

Tiger Woods pronounced a spin is going too distant in a new podcast appearance.

3. Justin Rose won a Turkish Airlines Open on Sunday to spin usually a third actor in story (along with Tiger and Rory) to win a week after winning a WGC. The 37-year-old vital champ and bullion medalist now has 20 veteran victories, though are Rose’s accomplishments generally under-appreciated? And if he’s not a many under-appreciated actor in a game, who is?

Shipnuck: Massively under-appreciated; a few some-more Rose-like seasons and he’s a tighten for a Hall of Fame.

Sens: No doubt. And let’s not forget how whisker-close he came to winning this year’s Masters. As for many under-appreciated, we consider you’d have to demeanour to any series of LPGA players. Inbee Park. Lydia Ko. Lexi Thompson. And on.

Ritter: Good calls all around. On a PGA Tour, I’d supplement Zach Johnson, who has drifted a bit after winning during St. Andrews though still has a equivocal HOF resume.

Passov: Billy Casper (51 PGA Tour wins, 3 majors, while competing opposite Nicklaus, Palmer and Player) still gets a all-time under-appreciated curtsy from me, though among stream players, no one is tighten to Rose. we wish he wouldn’t disappear so often, and for such prolonged stretches.

Two weeks, dual wins. Justin Rose is on a prohibited streak.

4. President Trump tweeted a video of his swing during a spin with Shinzo Abe and Hideki Matsuyama on Sunday, that was a initial pitch footage of a boss we have seen in utterly a while. It also came usually days after reports surfaced that Trump posted a measure of 68 to his GHIN page. The White House denied Trump posted a measure though wouldn’t criticism on if a boss indeed available it. Either way, does that pitch contend 68 to you?

Shipnuck: It’s a musty action, to be sure, though a impact position is excellent. And everybody who plays with Trump says he’s a good putter. The 68 Trump posted came on a march with a user-friendly slope rating of 66.1 and a cupcake slope of 118, so a journal 68 is a possibility.

Sens: I’ve shot 67 and my swing’s a lot uglier than Trump’s, so yeah, it’s within a area of believable. What’s that expression? Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes? Sometimes, they even get inaugurated to a tip bureau in a land.

Ritter: You — yes, YOU — can fire sub-70 with roughly any movement as prolonged as we can block it adult consistently and chip and putt a lights out. I’d gamble Trump perceived some inexhaustible gimmes along a way, though that measure is possible.

Passov: we can news first-hand that even with that farfetched backswing and thrusting thrust of a follow-through, a man can unequivocally play. He drives it prolonged and true and is a remarkably good putter, both loiter putts and a ones that count. Sure, his standing might acquire him a benefaction or dual on a greens, though it’s not unfit that he could fire 68 on a short, gettable course.

5. As first reported by a San Francisco Chronicle, a Olympic Club has concluded to horde a 2028 PGA Championship and 2032 Ryder Cup (a grave proclamation is approaching Wednesday). The Olympic Club was in care for a 2027 U.S. Open, though it was recently awarded to Pebble Beach instead. Good pierce for a Olympic Club, a five-time U.S. Open venue, to burst from a USGA rota to a PGA of America’s?

Shipnuck: This is all about a Ryder Cup, not a PGA. There hasn’t been a West Coast Ryder Cup in some-more than half a century, so hallelujah!

Sens: Hear, hear! Right in a ‘hood. I’m holding additional fish oil pills now with a hopes of still being around for it.

Ritter: Congrats, Left Coasters. The Ryder Cup out West will be a blast.

Passov: I’m blissful we all adore a thought of prime-time (West Coast) Ryder Cup golf, since a miss of risk/reward on Olympic’s Lake march will make for some sleep-inducing matches. Olympic is blanketed with tough par-4s, with fairways bracketed by perfectionist rough—and not a singular H2O hazard. It’s a great, unrelenting U.S. Open venue, though there’s no play concerned for a Ryder Cup, no matter how a PGA re-routs a course. Maybe squash a 17th fairway a bit and digest a 18th by 30 yards to inject some match-play excitement, though I’m not holding my breath.

6. Our Alan Shipnuck recounted a tale of how a viral Astros World Series SI cover of 2014 was ostensible to be a Michelle Wie cover, though that got bumped final second. Turns out SI’s prophecy was scold as a Astros knocked off a Dodgers in Game 7. Now it’s your turn. Give us your confidant golf prophecy for 2020.

Shipnuck: A garland of tip golfers skip a Tokyo Olympics, citing towering mercury levels in a sushi.

Sens: Playing a non-rolled behind ball, Justin Thomas shoots a Sunday 58 for his third uninterrupted immature jacket.

Ritter: I’ll lie somewhat and make a prophecy for 2021, when during age 50 Phil Mickelson will spin a initial 50-something to win a vital by claiming his fourth immature jacket.

Passov: Hideki Matsuyama captures bullion during Kasumigaseki during a Tokyo Olympics opposite a depleted margin (I trust in all Alan Shipnuck prognostications). He edges last-minute German entrance Bernhard Langer, a 63-year-old wonder, who also managed to do a unthinkable, winning any PGA Tour Champions eventuality hold in 2020.

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