Tour Confidential Daily: Where will Tiger Woods finish during a Masters?

Jessica Marksbury, multimedia editor (@Jess_Marksbury): I’d adore to benefaction a some-more constrained scenario, though we consider Sean’s conjecture is right on point. Tiger will play well, that’s for sure. We can all feel it, right? But unless he’s putting lights-out, it won’t be enough. T6 feels right — in my head, anyway. My heart wishes for better!

Dylan Dethier, associate editor (@Dylan_Dethier): Heck, he’s contended a final dual majors. He’s personification well. He’s trending up. Somebody’s gotta mangle a routine of this confident hedge-fest. HE’S GONNA WIN, DAMMIT! And not in some fluky, come-from-behind fashion. He’s gonna swell out to a share of a 36-hole lead, build on that in a third turn and journey to feat as his competitors event behind him, only like they did during a Tour Championship. Sean Zak will still slight him, job it another “limited-field” victory. Oh, and it’ll occur on Monday, with a sub-air complement still humming.

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