Tour Championship: Dustin Johnson anticipating to erase East Lake demons

Dustin Johnson had had a severe integrate weeks, though he heads to East Lake with a possibility to finish his deteriorate on a high note.

Throughout a FedEx Cup playoffs, Johnson has mislaid his universe No. 1 ranking, even dropping to third overall, and even had a personal liaison that he addressed on Twitter.

But as a Tour Championship looms, a contest he’s never won, Johnson is vehement to get behind on a march and quarrel for his initial FedEx Cup title.

“Being in a tip 5, we control my possess destiny,” Johnson pronounced in his press conference. “It’s kind of a mark where we wish to be. If you’re not No. 1, we unequivocally wish to be in a tip 5 during this event, and I’m sitting during 4, so yeah, we mean, we control my possess destiny. If we have a good week and can win, afterwards we can be a FedEx Cup champion.

“It’s something that we haven’t achieved yet. I’ve been unequivocally close, and it’s something that we unequivocally wish to win, and we wish to be a FedEx Cup champion. Yeah, it’s something in my career that we unequivocally wish to accomplish, and we consider it’s a large milestone, and I’m looking brazen to a plea this week where I’ve got a possibility to do it.”

While Johnson satisfied this hasn’t been his best annual stop on Tour, he still thinks he has a possibility to win this week.

“The usually other place that we can consider of that we haven’t had a lot of success would be during The Players,” he said. “I’ve played good though usually not that great, so I’m unequivocally looking brazen to personification it in Mar this year with a opposite march conditions and personification a small bit longer.

“You know, see how we do this time around, given we haven’t ever — ever given I’ve played it, it’s been in May and it’s been Bermuda that’s organisation and fast. So I’m looking brazen to that. Maybe I’ll have some-more of a possibility to win.”

The PGA Tour announced progressing this week a change to a FedEx Cup playoffs relocating forward. Not usually will a foe go from 4 events down to three, a Tour Championship, starting subsequent year, will place players during certain scores to start a tournament. The personality in a FedEx Cup standings will start a contest during 10 under, and everybody else will start behind him. Johnson likes a changes.

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“I consider it’s great,” Johnson said. “It gives everybody in a margin a good possibility to win. Obviously we wish to be in that No. 1 mark so we start ahead, though no matter what, with this golf course, we can make adult a lot of strokes with a good round. Even if you’re starting during 10 under, you’re going to have to play good for 4 days if we wish to win.

“You know, generally on a golf march like this where it’s not easy to fire — there’s not too many 6 or 7 unders. 3, 4 under is a good measure around here. Yeah, we consider it’s going to be fun to watch as a spectator, though also too being in a tournament, it’s going to be fun, and we know where we stand. It’s good that we don’t have to be No. 1 entrance in here to win. The 30th man has a possibility to win.

“So we consider it’ll be interesting. we mean, we like it.”

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