Tony Parker will not retire after injury, wants to play 20 seasons with Spurs

After examination Tim Duncan and (possibly) Manu Ginobili play their final diversion with a Spurs, indicate ensure Tony Parker wants to have a same feeling.

Paker, who suffered a ripped left quadriceps flesh in a Spurs’ playoff array opposite a Rockets, was recently interviewed by a French announcement RMC Sport. He insisted that he has no skeleton to retire this offseason, and that he wants to play 3 some-more years with a Spurs. Via News 4 San Antonio:

“I wish that a Spurs will offer me a final contract, Parker said. “I will be entering my final agreement year, it will be a initial time in my career that we will be giveaway agent. I’ve already pronounced it several times, we wish to play 3 some-more seasons, do a 20 seasons with a Spurs, and we consider it’s dual decades. we wish to continue to perform good on a floor.

“Mentally, we contingency be clever to come behind from an damage like this. we do not wish people to consider it was my final game, that we was not going to come back, since in my head, we will come back.”

Given a Spurs’ lane record, it’s tough to trust they won’t do all in their energy to keep Parker in San Antonio for a generation of his career. The some-more critical doubt is either Parker can get to that 20-season miracle he’s set for himself.

The 35-year-old has some critical wear and rip on his physique after entrance into a NBA during 19 and personification many summers with a French inhabitant team. He’s been banged adult over a past few years, though a many new quad damage is by distant a many significant.

In Parker’s deficiency San Antonio will approaching find some-more time for Dejounte Murray, who tender during his rookie season, and also have an outside shot during alighting Clippers indicate ensure Chris Paul this summer. So even if Parker earnings healthy in January, as expected, it could be to a fill-in role.

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