Tony Parker Talks Playing for Michael Jordan, Says Spurs Matched Hornets’ Offer

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Tony Parker astounded many by signing with a Charlotte Hornets this summer after 17 years with a San Antonio Spurs, though it was apparently not a doubt of money.

The 36-year-old explained in an talk with L’Expresso (via Jeff Garcia of News4 San Antonio) that a disproportion was a purpose he was offering with a team, as good as a allure of personification for group owners Michael Jordan.

“When Michael Jordan called me, my idol, we thought, let’s go,” Parker said. “For me, we feel like shutting a loop, to finish my career in his club, it’s something special for me since it’s him that done me wish to play basketball.”

The indicate ensure also remarkable that a Spurs offering a same agreement as a Hornets, though he motionless on a latter. He sealed a two-year deal worth $10 million in July.

“The Spurs offering me a same thing (contractually) as Charlotte, though it was some-more about a role. It was not a doubt of money. And it’s critical that people know this, since there are a lot of people who were ‘angry’ during a Spurs, meditative a authorization had not offering me anything. Yes, they offering me something similar, though we did not wish to finish assistant-coach. And that was a purpose they offering me, when we wanted to play.”

Parker seemed in 55 games final season, though he came off a dais frequently in a second half of a year for a initial time in his career. He also set new lows with 19.5 mins and 7.7 points per diversion final season.

The Spurs have been perplexing to get younger and let Patty Mills and Dejounte Murray take a infancy of mins during indicate guard.

Although Charlotte won’t expected yield Parker with a form of starring purpose we have seen in a past from a six-time All-Star, he should get haven mins behind Kemba Walker.

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