Tony Granato named manager of 2018 US Olympic men’s hockey team

Tony Granato was a 15-year-old Midwestern child when a “Miracle on Ice” occurred in 1980. He played for a U.S. 7 times in ubiquitous tournaments and watched his sister, Cammi, win bullion in 1998.

“There is no larger disturb in a diversion of hockey than to be means to hearten for, represent, wear a sweater, wear a colors,” Granato told reporters.

Granato will move that nationalistic passion to his latest plea as manager of a U.S. Olympic men’s hockey group for a 2018 Olympics, a initial in some-more than 20 years in that NHL players will not participate.

Granato, a former Kings actor who coaches during a University of Wisconsin, was announced Friday as coach, along with Jim Johannson as ubiquitous manager and partner coaches Chris Chelios, Keith Allain, Ron Rolston and Scott Young.

American Hockey League and those personification in Europe.

The NHL in Apr announced it will not attend in a 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It ends a run of 5 Winter Games with NHL players that began in 1998.

Granato pronounced a U.S. is versed to award in a new format and cited expansion of U.S. teenager and youth leagues, in further to a U.S. growth program. The U.S. has not won bullion in men’s hockey given a famous 1980 “Miracle” dissapoint of a Soviet Union by mostly college players.

“We design to contest for a medal, and this will be no different,” Granato said.

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