Tony Ferguson Sets Up Conor McGregor Title Fight, though Will We Ever See It?

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The uncanny thing about UFC 216‘s categorical eventuality between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee?

The problem we had in reckoning out a indicate of it.

On a surface, it’s easy: Ferguson and Lee are dual unequivocally good lightweights. They’re dual of a best in a division. Conor McGregor is a champion, though who knows if he’ll ever urge a belt or even quarrel again. Caught adult in a stasis McGregor mostly leaves in his wake, Ferguson and Lee were a best options accessible for a UFC to try to keep a multiplication relocating along.

They were a final group standing.

And a halt lightweight pretension was adult for grabs, that creates it seem critical during initial glance. Ferguson won it in thespian fashion, regulating a honeyed triangle throttle after scarcely ripping Lee’s arm from a socket.

But halt titles are a customary fallback for a UFC these days. They don’t unequivocally meant anything, and that’s since a genuine championships don’t meant many either. If they meant something, Demetrious Johnson would’ve been in Saturday night’s categorical event, environment a record for many uninterrupted UFC pretension defenses with an complete shellacking of Ray Borg.

That was a ancestral moment. A loyal accomplishment.

But instead of being in a categorical event, Johnson was relegated to ancillary act for a pretension that isn’t even a genuine thing. And afterwards he finished a unequivocally good and nonetheless somehow still untimely Borg with a German suplex that he incited into an armbar in midair. It was literally a biggest acquiescence I’ve ever seen, and one of a coolest things I’ve ever seen in sports. But it wasn’t a categorical event. And that’s dumb.

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Yeah, a halt pretension competence only spin into a lightweight pretension down a road, that creates it feel kind of important. But really, it’s some-more like you’re removing a giveaway dish distance ascent during your favorite quick food place. Conor McGregor is a lightweight champion (on paper, during least), and we’ve all seen what happens after he wins a championship. Max Holloway, for instance, was halt featherweight champion right adult to a indicate when he wasn’t, when a UFC pronounced some difference and now done him a tangible champion. The contingency of a same thing function during lightweight are flattering good, I’d say.

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And maybe, then, this was a Battle to Decide Who Might Get to Face McGregor? Maybe that’s since it was towering to categorical eventuality standing over Johnson: since it’s a possibility to set adult a subsequent domino for McGregor, a undisputed biggest pull in UFC story and a male who will expected assistance WME-IMG confirm subsequent year if they’re happy they purchased this UFC thing, or if they done a outrageous mistake.

But let’s be real: Can we suppose McGregor being super eager about a thought of confronting Ferguson? T-Ferg is a dangerous opponent, and he’s a dangerous foe but a ability to assistance boost McGregor’s compensate distant over a UFC norm. And afterwards there was Ferguson’s post-fight callout of McGregor, that consisted mostly of cheering expletives and job McGregor “McNugget,” that is an insult improved left on a slicing room floor.

Make no mistake about it: Ferguson was as honourable of this possibility as it gets. He had a legitimate winning strain and had beaten some tough competition. Truth be told, he substantially should’ve already been in this position during slightest once, if not twice. Lee? Well, maybe he wasn’t utterly as deserving. But a Octagon is a ultimate decider, and Lee went in a enclosure and valid he belonged in that championship mix. He’s young, he’s brash, he’s got a ruin of a personality, and he’s a unequivocally good fighter. He’ll be back, and hopefully subsequent time he’ll be behind but being accompanied by a staph infection that emptied him this time around.

So, another UFC pay-per-view down. To tell we a truth, we still haven’t unequivocally recovered from McGregor vs. Mayweather. Nothing feels important. Nothing feels like it’s value anticipating. We’ve got Georges St-Pierre returning subsequent month to face a middleweight champion, and my expectation scale is peaking during roughly 6 out of 10.

But that’s a complicated UFC. Things are opposite these days. Instead of building adult expectation for a large quarrel that becomes a village entertainment point, we’re force-fed an unconstrained tide of quarrel cards filled with people we’ve never listened of. Everyone gets a championship, so prolonged as it means a UFC gets to put a word “championship” on a quarrel poster.

And a genuine contrition of it all is that guys like Tony Ferguson, controversial post-fight promo skills aside, aren’t given a spotlight or significance they should be.

Welcome to a new UFC.

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