To equivocate replicating Tiger Woods’ outrageous tumble from grace, Jordan Spieth contingency do one thing – be himself

Jordan Spieth’s latest attainment – a third vital before a age of 24 with his Open win during Royal Birkdale – is something usually formerly achieved by Jack Nicklaus. 

Sunday’s shot all a approach from a use ground, when struggling on a 13th, was suggestive of Seve Ballesteros’ famous automobile park shot in his initial Open win during Royal Lytham in 1979.

But Spieth’s many unchanging comparison is with Tiger Woods, who he can now transcend as a youngest leader of a career grand slam by claiming subsequent month’s US PGA during Quail Hollow.

For now, a 23-year-old Texan is not penetrating on comparisons with former legends and finished as many transparent when asked about it. 

“I’ll be clever with my answer,” Spieth pronounced Sunday when asked about his place among a greats. “It’s amazing. we feel sanctified to be means to play a diversion we love, though we don’t consider comparisons … we don’t review myself. And we don’t consider that they’re suitable or necessary. So to be in that association no doubt is positively incredible, and we positively conclude it. 

“But I’m really clever as to what that means going forward,” he added, “Because what those guys have finished has transcended a sport. And in no way, figure or form do we consider I’m anywhere nearby that whatsoever. So it’s a good start, though there is a prolonged approach to go.” 

Of march there is. Time always passes during a same speed and it will be adult to Spieth to continue on his rocket-propelled arena to all-time greatness. Doing that on a course, with his turn of talent, will take caring of itself, though a many critical thing he can do now is be loyal to who Jordan Spieth is as a person. 


Ever given Tiger Woods’ tumble from grace, there has been something of a yearning within a competition for a luminary to reinstate him. Golf has not struggled for a bold, with Ricky Fowler frequency a bashful character, nor has it been wanting for talent, with Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson among those personification lights-out golf.

But Spieth is so immature and so phenomenally means that he alone has a possibility to step adult and turn a dominant actor and brand in a approach not seen given that heading red polo was pretension victoriously down final fairways around a globe, apropos a tellurian name outward a sport.

Woods’ biggest mistake, analysed by a laser-corrected prophesy of hindsight, was permitting his open persona to turn so stage-managed and artificial, so detached and anomalous from his loyal self, that eventually it reached a violation point. Sport loves bad boys and had Woods entered his career in a approach that didn’t indispensably flourish his vices though that showed him as normal tellurian being, a tumble from beauty would roughly positively not have been so explosively catastrophic. 


The pull of sponsors and his management, consumed by a office of endorsements, led to a militantly-maintained image, and glossy family cinema that portrayed a impression that did not exist. The chairman smiling from a raft of advertisements was not Eldrick Tont Woods – it was Tiger™ – and when those dual realities had drifted distant adequate apart, a bottom fell out of his open picture as a cascade of contemptible revelations cracked a account that needn’t have been created. 

For Spieth, a immature male with all forward of him, a doctrine is obvious. You competence not have a vices that eventually sunk Tiger, we competence not have a problems that raid him and we competence not have his marketability. 


But we competence only have a same turn of talent, and in many ways we are what golf has been acid for. 

Jordan Spieth will likely, one day, finish a Grand Slam and he will certainly turn a golfing great, though that is because a comparisons are unnecessary and a trail he contingency take is apparent – he contingency be a Dallas born, basketball-loving man he is. Nobody else. 

Combine that with this turn of talent and all will take caring of itself. 

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