Tipsheet: Surprise! Kentucky sinks next Mizzou in SEC

So it’s Feb. 12 and Missouri sits above Kentucky in a SEC basketball standings.

Who could have likely such a thing final February? Back afterwards a Tigers were towering to another last-place finish in a joining while a Wildcats, as usual, were stacking adult victories with NBA-bound talent.

Mizzou survived a Mississippi State Meltdown to corner a Bulldogs in overtime Saturday and pierce to 7-5 in joining play. Meanwhile John Calipari‘s childish Wildcats took an 85-73 violence during Texas AM to tumble to 6-6 in a SEC.

Kentucky has mislaid 3 true games for a initial time given Calipari took over a program. They trailed a Aggies by 23 points during one indicate during that biased game.

“They make mistakes that freshmen make, in a feverishness of a diversion and on a road,” Aggies manager Billy Kennedy told reporters after. “John has finished a superb pursuit with his organisation . . . They played like a immature organisation tonight.”

The Wildcats have copiousness chosen recruits again this year, though they don’t seem penetrating on pity a ball.

“Why is it happening?” Calipari asked reporters rhetorically. “You’re so into how you’re playing, we can’t give that appetite to a team. That’s what immature guys do. we can’t seem to get ’em over that hump. They’re some-more endangered with how they’re playing, and afterwards when they’re concerned, they demeanour unequivocally bad individually.”

He needs somebody to step adult and stop a team’s bleeding. The Wildcats have tough highway games to Auburn and Florida left on their report along with visits from intensity NCAA Tournament teams Alabama and Missouri.

“I told them, if we wish this some-more than we wish this, greatfully tell me, so we can take my mother to cinema and dinners, Calipari quipped.

But severely . . .

“We play for March,” Calipari said. “That’s what we’re personification for. We’ve got to get this thing right. We still have time. Every organisation is giving us their best shot. 

“When we get this, we’ll bust through. But it’s removing aged right now, and any week that goes by it gets harder and harder to get this thing to where we wish it to go. And so, during some point, somebody’s got to lead and step adult and say, ‘Hey, adequate is enough.’ Right now, I’m not certain we have that guy.”

But Calipari isn’t giving adult on a organisation or a season.

“I’m not cracking,” Calipari insisted. “This doesn’t confuse me.”


Here is what folks are essay about college basketball:

Jeff Borzello, “Missouri seems staid to play in a 8-9 game. The Tigers would be in a contest as of today, with a handful of Quadrant 1 wins and a plain rest of a résumé. Their remaining report lends itself to a Tigers not unequivocally relocating a needle possibly way. Michael Porter Jr., former chosen partisan and projected top-10 pick, pronounced on Friday that there’s a good possibility he earnings this season. A organisation that was a tip 35 to 40 organisation all deteriorate unexpected adding one of a many gifted players in a country? That’s a calamity unfolding for a 1-seed.”

Molly Geary, “If you’re wondering who will be a top-ranked organisation in a AP check on Monday, a answer is sincerely obvious: Michigan State will all though confidently assume a position, interjection to waste by all 3 teams above it (Villanova, Virginia, Purdue) this week. But if you’re wondering who a best organisation in a nation is, there’s even reduction clarity than there already has been in this roller-coaster season. The Wildcats, Cavaliers and Boilermakers are all still intensely plain teams that rode a tip of a rankings for a month, though their vulnerabilities were on arrangement in a final week. The Spartans are one of a country’s many offset teams and have now won 8 straight, though they aren’t though their possess potentially deadly flaws during times—most particularly holding caring of a ball. Duke’s invulnerability stays a vital doubt mark, and so on. The usually thing that seems certain right now is, that distinct many other years, there’s no transparent favorite for a inhabitant title. This has been a wild, violent deteriorate so far, and it competence breeze adult bringing one of a many indeterminate NCAA tournaments in new memory.”

Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports: “What’s spiteful Michigan State is that a Big Ten is so distant down this deteriorate and doesn’t offer many chances for peculiarity wins besides Ohio State and Purdue. It also didn’t assistance that Notre Dame endured a unreasonable of injuries during discussion play, devaluing a Spartans’ feat over a Irish. Michigan State has no remaining unchanging deteriorate games left opposite Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan or Nebraska, so a Spartans won’t be means to boost their NCAA contest resume many during all until a Big Ten tournament. To leapfrog all a other teams forward of them in a pecking sequence for a No. 1 seed, they’ll substantially have to win out and wish that’s enough. Otherwise Michigan State will merely be a really dangerous No. 2 or 3 seed.”

Mark Titus, The Ringer: “By now we should know that a Duke is never out of No. 1 seed consideration, and we do meant NEVER. Even after a inhabitant champion is crowned this April, we still won’t be certain that Duke is out of a using for a no. 1 seed. For God’s sake, people severely suspicion a Blue Devils should have been a no. 1 seed final deteriorate when they finished fifth in a ACC and had 8 regular-season losses. That was a genuine thing. You consider I’m going to count Duke out now that it’s third in a ACC and has 5 losses?”

Scott Gleason, USA Today: “The Crimson Tide convincingly throttled Tennessee on Saturday with a 78-50 win that is a accurate kind of punctuating statement that many burble teams crave. Sure, there’s small room for slip-up down a stretch, though right now ‘Bama is good positioned to nick a bid. The Tide have good wins opposite Auburn, Rhode Island and Oklahoma, though this feat over a projected No. 2 seed is outrageous and will offer as eye candy to a preference committee.”

Matt Norlander, “Despite losing dermatitis freshman Zach Collins to the NBA lottery, starting indicate guard Nigel Williams-Goss to the NBA Draft, and graduating seniors Przemek Karnowski and Jordan Mathews, there is no Final Four hangover in sequence for a Zags. Few things are truly arguable year after year in college basketball, though Gonzaga removing to a Big Dance is one of them. You can set your time to it.” 


“We only pierce on. We’re going to get better. Sometimes we have to demeanour terrible to get better.”

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, on bouncing behind from defeat.

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