Tipsheet: Gregg Williams lands in Cleveland after Rams dismissal

Former Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wasn’t out of work for long.

He took time out from make-up adult his things in Los Angeles to accept work in Cleveland, where he will try to light a glow underneath a Browns defense.

Northern Ohio should ready to see many blitzing and trash-talking subsequent season, along with lots of personal tainted penalties and a occasional NFL fine. 

“I have a prophesy of what we wish a invulnerability to play like and demeanour like, and we am going to get that. That is what we am looking brazen to,” Browns manager Hue Jackson told reporters during a discussion call.

Jackson somehow survived Cleveland’s 1-15 season, though defensive coordinator Ray Horton did not.

“I don’t wish anybody to take that this is usually about Ray. This is unequivocally about my vision. It is about what we am perplexing to emanate here in Cleveland and how we see it and what we consider it is going to take for us to get there,” Jackson said. “This isn’t usually Ray. we know it looks like that. we know it looks like he gets held adult in it and however we guys wish to contend that, though it is not about that. It is bigger to me than that.”

For a record, Jackson’s prophesy does NOT embody formulating money bounties to harm hostile players. That tactic became a bit of an emanate for Williams in New Orleans.

Gregg stayed transparent of such debate during his reign as a Rams’ defensive coordinator.

“Obviously, he has already paid a cost for that. we consider that is behind him as well,” Jackson said. “We will not be carrying a Bountygate conditions in Cleveland. We are here to try to do a best pursuit we can of winning football games and putting a best football group that we can out on a football field.”

The subsequent step: Finding some some-more athletes able of personification assertive defense. Back in 2015 Williams had a installed section out during Rams Park.

Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto had this take on a hiring:

Williams has a story of improving defenses.

One executive told me that Williams is “an upgrade” over Horton, “and he will make a disproportion if they get him some players.”

He also pronounced Williams can be formidable during times on a personal level. We’ll see how that works out. But his story is that players tend to describe to him.

Also, a Browns drafted some linemen who are best in a 4-3, such as defensive ends Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib.

I can suppose Jamie Meeder and Danny Shelton in a center of a line, with Ogbah and Nassib during a ends. They also will have some-more options to breeze linemen. It’s easier to find guys to play in a 4-3 system.

I’m open to what Williams brings to a Browns.

This is not usually change for a consequence of change. This is a change that indispensable to be made.

Well, yes, it did. It’s tough to be consistently worse than a Rams, though a Browns have managed that attainment in new years. Now they will turn a whole lot harder to play against.


Questions to contemplate while a Blues prop for their appearing highway adventure:

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The Clemson-Alabama showdown for college football’s inhabitant pretension should be a classic. Here is what a experts have been essay about it:

Chris Low, “The subsequent Alabama group that doesn’t play with an corner will be a initial one underneath Nick Saban. Or as comparison linebacker Reuben Foster said, ‘If we don’t have that corner to you, afterwards we’re substantially not for you.’ It’s a partial of Alabama’s DNA underneath Saban, partial of his faith that an even remotely delighted group is a degraded team, and partial of a now-famed ‘Process’ that has a Crimson Tide on a margin of their fifth inhabitant championship in a past 8 years underneath Saban. The Tide face Clemson on Monday in a College Football Playoff National Championship presented by ATT (8 p.m. ET on ESPN/ESPN App). But as this matchup has neared, there’s an combined edginess to this Alabama team, roughly a simmering annoy that anybody would brave advise that a Tigers are usually a group to extinguish a Crimson Tide’s 26-game winning streak. In fact, if we didn’t know better, you’d roughly consider Alabama was a underdog.”

Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports: “With maybe his biggest team, Nick Saban is holding his biggest gamble. Changing descent coordinators a week before a inhabitant championship diversion is an brazen move, one that underscores a finish management Saban has during Alabama. We will find out Monday possibly it’s his many shining distributed risk yet, or possibly it was a mistake of staggering proportions. For all of Saban’s lethal earnest and buttoned-down approach, he has been peaceful to hurl a bones in outrageous situations. There was, of course, a onside flog that was such a poignant partial of violence Clemson final year in a College Football Playoff inhabitant championship game. There also was a jaw-dropping feign punt early in a BCS championship diversion opposite Texas in 2010, a play that backfired though did not cost Saban a title. But stealing Lane Kiffin and replacing him with Steve Sarkisian is a distant bigger risk than possibly of those. Those were one-play gambles. This full-game play potentially alters any descent play undefeated Alabama calls in a Clemson rematch Monday night. This is Saban few with his possess famed Process. A module assembled into a colossus by perfected concentration on daily sum is unexpected remaking a building blocks. Coach Process is rejiggering his procedures – and doing it on a fly, before confronting a best competition a Crimson Tide has seen all season. It takes some stones to do that. But will it work?”

Dennis Dodd, “At some point, we’re going to have to speak football. So far, a buildup to a third College Football Playoff National Championship has been a brew of a absurd, a weird and a Kiffin. Ben Boulware and his ‘oil checks’. Steve Sarkisian and his reboot. Remember, a dude hasn’t coached — or called a play — in 15 months. There’s Lane Kiffin and his absence. Is there any doubt, no matter what a outcome Monday, that Kiffin will be a subplot — or maybe the tract — but even being in a building. Buried somewhere in a account is a tip articulate point: Nick Saban can tie Bear Bryant for all-time inhabitant championships with six. Bear’s fulfilment behind in a day was a Babe Ruth home-run record — never to be damaged until Hank Aaron did it legitimately … and Barry Bonds didn’t. More amazing: Saban would have finished it in a 14-year span. (It took Bear 19 years.) Even more amazing: Saban is doing it in an epoch when a SEC has never been stronger. Forget college football. If Saban pulls off a fun of six, he’ll be on a coaches’ Mount Rushmore of all group sports. He competence be there already.”

Pete Fiutak, College Football News: “Would Alabama violence Clemson be boring? Yeah, maybe. This week I’ve listened a comparisons to Tiger Woods when he was Tiger Woods, a New England Patriots, and a 1990s Chicago Bulls in terms of dynasties. But a one large disproportion is that those 3 had charisma. Woods, Brady and Jordan were personalities we had to watch given they were – or are – Woods, Brady and Jordan. Alabama doesn’t have that like a aged propagandize Miami Hurricanes, or a flashier of Bobby Bowden’s Florida State teams, or a Pete Carroll USC juggernauts.”

Dan Wolken, USA Today: “The story of college football is connected by a continuum of dynasties that rise, disintegrate over by a palm of a stronger deputy or pulp underneath a weight of their possess greatness, afterwards start a stand all over again. This consistent strife between a royals and their intensity usurpers is woven into a interest of a sport, an phonetic tradition that sets a theatre for any new deteriorate and championship still to be claimed. But as we tighten in on 7 years given Nick Saban announced Alabama’s lapse to dominance, a awaiting of any challenger preventing this run from stretching into a subsequent decade seems far-fetched. Apart from a stagger in 2013 and 2014, a Crimson Tide enter Monday night’s College Football Playoff championship diversion in Tampa in as clever a position as ever to continue stacking titles until Saban decides he’s had enough.”


“These are a dual best teams. And to be honest with you, we don’t consider there’s another group out there that’s able of violence Alabama. we consider we’re substantially a usually group that has a chance.”

Clemson manager Dabo Swinney.

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