Tipsheet: Clemson-Alabama is good for college football

Alabama’s inhuman invulnerability came out and threw a approaching haymakers during Clemson in a inhabitant championship game, wobbling a Tigers. But a Tigers hung tough and refused to let go of their dream.

“We went into a diversion final year meditative we could win, and we went in there this year meaningful we could win,” Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott told “There was no doubt in a guys. Our certainty level, we had a lot of honour for Alabama given they’re a really gifted team, though there was 0 fear among a guys. That’s one thing it takes to flog a group like Alabama; we can’t be fearful of them. we consider given of a success final year, a guys went into this diversion meaningful it was a large challenge, though not being fearful of them.”

Clemson finally incited a diversion in a second half, with Alabama’s offense sputtering in a deficiency of harmed using behind Bo Scarbrough.

The Crimson Tide seemed finished as a time wound down . . . and afterwards beginner quarterback Jalen Hurts marched them to a late go-ahead touchdown with a signature descent drive.

But afterwards Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson demonstrated because he is one of college football’s all-time good players. He led a Tigers right behind down a margin for a victory, quietly throwing a wilful TD pass with one second left.

Whew! After scarcely knocking off Alabama in final year’s pretension game, Clemson prevailed in a 35-31 thriller this time around.

It’s official: Clemson-Alabama has turn college football’s tip rivalry. We can design to see some-more postseason clashes between these programs for years to come.

And that will be very, really good for a college football industry. While a NFL struggles with an temperament problem and flagging TV ratings, college football gave adult a loyal heavyweight championship.

They might not have staged a biggest college football diversion of all time, though it creates a list and it will stay on that list forever. This back-and-forth conflict is kept America on a corner of a lounge via a second half.

In short, this high-stakes philharmonic is because we watch sports. From start to finish it was an unscripted and indeterminate adventure. The finale was a cliffhanger.

Here is what a pundits were essay once a all a confetti had fallen:

Ivan Maisel, “You listened a complaints for a past week, a grumbles about a rematch, a worry that dual southern teams, personification for a inhabitant championship for a second uninterrupted year, wouldn’t rivet a rest of a nation. If executive executive Bill Hancock has any sense, he will introduce that a College Football Playoff pointer Clemson and Alabama to a long-term contract. For a second uninterrupted year, a Tigers and a Crimson Tide played a championship diversion for a ages.”

Andy Staples, Saban’s meaningful laugh following final year’s successful onside flog gave approach to Clemson’s (Christian) Wilkins boogeying shirtless as he kissed a inhabitant pretension trophy. The Tigers and Tide have played dual inhabitant pretension games in dual seasons. They’ve played dual classics, and they’re distant by one total point. Now a names will change and Alabama and Clemson will try to quarrel their approach behind for a third round. But in a places where they paint Tiger paws on a road, they’ll always remember this one many fondly.”

Bill Reiter, “In a diversion for a ages, opposite an competition as vaunted as any before it, Clemson towering itself to a many rarefied of positions Monday night in a inhabitant pretension game: to a mark not only among associate inhabitant champions but, some-more remarkable, among a chosen of a elite. Alabama. Ohio State. Michigan. USC. Notre Dame. And now, over a doubt, Clemson.”

Will Leitch, Sports on Earth: “You kept watchful for Alabama to do what it always does, to make that large play that puts a diversion away, though each time there was an inkling of one, Clemson only came plowing back, like it didn’t realize, or care, that it was personification The Alabama. Watson was rootless early, though once he staid in, and he and a Tigers satisfied that a vaunted Alabama invulnerability could in fact be had, they were a relentless ones. And they kept pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling … and afterwards they finally pennyless through. Alabama never lets teams hang around too long. This time, it picked a wrong time, and a wrong team, to do so.”

Rodger Sherman, The Ringer: “If a Tide had cumulative another feat Monday in Tampa, they would have turn a initial college football group to go 15–0 given a 1800s, before a brazen pass was invented, and before a 100-year widen in that it was widely believed that 15 was too many games for college kids to play in a singular season. Bama won a normal competition this tumble by 28 points. It won a SEC pretension diversion by 38. It flog contingent Rose Bowl champion USC by 46 behind in September. It flog good teams by a lot, and it flog good teams by more. Much like sharks have rows on rows of razor-sharp teeth to reinstate any teeth that get damaged by satirical things too hard, Alabama has rows on rows of a best players in college football. If your physique somehow survives a initial fusillade of bites, there’s a second fusillade coming. Only this time, opposite all odds, Watson and Clemson stayed alive.”

Stewart Mandel, “End of day, Watson constructed scarcely 1,000 yards of offense in dual meetings with an Alabama invulnerability that’s finished a vital out of humbling hostile quarterbacks. The Tide positively took their shots Monday night, sacking him 4 times. At one point, Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick and Reuben Foster teamed adult to send both of Watson’s legs drifting by a atmosphere on a infamous open-field hit. Watson kept popping behind up. Just like he brushed off 17 interceptions this deteriorate to get his group to a pretension game, or critique that he’d regressed from his sophomore to his youth years. Or a 24-14 necessity Clemson had to overcome during a start of a fourth quarter.”

Dan Wolken, USA Today: “The play is called ‘Crush,’ a tack of a Clemson offense, and as co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott lobbied for a Tigers to run it one final time this deteriorate with zero reduction than a inhabitant pretension during stake, he had to step behind and conclude a finale they were about to write. As Scott saw it unfold, a best quarterback to ever wear a Clemson uniform was going to take a snap with 6 seconds left, scurry to his right so he could get a round out before time lapsed and hurl it to a 5-foot-nothing receiver who didn’t have a singular grant offer from a Football Bowl Subdivision, walking on during Clemson and walking out of Raymond James Stadium Monday night as a inhabitant champion. Hunter Renfrow’s locate from Deshaun Watson with one second left to give Clemson a 35-31 feat opposite Alabama and a initial pretension given 1981 might good go down as a many famous play in a school’s football history. And for Scott, it represented all about what has finished Clemson and Dabo Swinney, a former walk-on receiver himself, a ideal car to put a hole in Alabama’s dynasty.”

Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports: “This was a feat for happy coaching. This was a win that shows we do not have to be a melancholic automaton to win it all. Coaching football has turn so lethal critical that it was satisfactory to consternation either fun guys even belonged in a contention anymore. They do. Dabo is a explanation that it can be done. Swinney is a discord of a mythological manager he flog Monday night, Nick Saban. Where Saban voiced small some-more than grave compensation after his 5 inhabitant titles won, Swinney is an violent stream of emotion. Nobody was capping his fun after this victory.”


Questions to contemplate while Nick Saban gets right behind to work in a Alabama football office:

So what’s subsequent for Deshaun Watson?

Can a SEC redeem from Alabama’s loss?

Will Alabama fans spend a offseason fussy about a officials?


“I kind of smiled and we knew before we even snapped a round it was going to be a touchdown. All we had to do was only get a round to him.”

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, on his game-winning touchdown pass.

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