Tiger Woods doubtful to win again on PGA Tour, says Colin Montgomerie

HAVERHILL, Mass. — If this Senior golf thing doesn’t work out for Colin Montgomerie, a leader of 3 Champions Tour vital titles competence wish to try stand-up.

Monty, creation a rounds in a Boston area brazen of this week’s U.S. Senior Open, regaled a organisation of golfers during Renaissance Golf Club on a eve of his early-morning tee time during circuitously Salem Country Club and had them rolling in a aisles with tales of a over-50 set and Ryder Cup victories and defeats.

But it was his correlation of his head-to-head lean with Tiger Woods in a 1997 Masters that cemented Montgomerie’s place in story as one of golf’s many means raconteurs.

Woods competence have published a book about his memories of a ancestral 12-shot feat in his initial major, though a Monty discourse of that eventuality would positively be distant some-more entertaining. Indeed, he has mostly recounted his observance of his initial confront with a 21-year-old destiny luminary — how he shot a second-round 66 to make it into a final pairing with Woods on Saturday, believed he hold an advantage over a new child interjection to his 7 prior Masters starts, started a day 6-under to his personification partner’s 9-under, and told a media after a turn that Tiger had a immature coupler sewn adult and would win a tourney by some-more than 9 shots.

Wednesday evening, Montgomerie’s repertoire was full of zingers.

“Greg Norman was 6 brazen of [Nick] Faldo on a final day [of a ’96 Masters], and everybody suspicion it was over and of march it wasn’t,” Montgomerie said, recalling one of a sport’s many implausible collapses. “So they [reporters] pronounced to me, ‘Well, Tiger Woods is now 9 ahead, is this over?’ and we said, ‘um hum, um hum, of march it’s over.’ You haven’t witnessed what we only witnessed.

“Second place was Constantino Rocca during a time, and he was no Faldo,” pronounced Montgomerie with a laugh as he installed adult a punchline. “So he wasn’t throwing anybody; he was only there. He was there to pointer Tiger’s card.”

Montgomerie was not above a bit of self-deprecation as he recapped his introduction to a immature phenom.

“It was a initial time that Tiger had unequivocally come out [and] we was No. 2 in a universe during a time and felt we had some-more experience,” Monty related. “So we go to a initial tee and we suspicion let’s see what happens, with everybody articulate about this Tiger Woods.”

What happened was Monty bested Tiger on a initial shot of a day.

“In those days, a tee was some-more brazen and we could only about get to a finish of a fort on a right-hand side [at Augusta National]. we strike a downslope of a fort and it shot forward, about a 20-yard gain, and outdrove him,” Montgomerie pronounced with a outrageous smile. “And that was a final time we saw Tiger Woods for a rest of a day.”

Except not quite. After both players done customary on a initial hole, Woods bloody a expostulate down a second fairway Monty had “never seen a like of” before.

“I’m during a tip of a mountain attack a 4-wood [to a green] and he strike a 9-iron over a back, chipped adult and of march holed it,” pronounced a Scot, who contended that he knew he was in a participation of mass after examination that arrangement of energy and refinement from his opponent.

“It was a approach that he went around that golf march and a certainty and a faith that he had in what he was doing,” pronounced Montgomerie, who distinguished his 54th birthday on Jun 23.

The World Golf Hall of Famer remarkable after that turn (“he shot 65; we shot my common third-round 74”), that finished with Tiger attack driver, silt crowd to a behind pin for a kick-in birdie, that Woods was truly extraordinary.

“I’ve seen something special here, really special,” Montgomerie removed observant behind then.

Monty was also one of a initial observers to envision that a assault with that Woods strike balls would take a fee on his health. Now, with Tiger removing assistance for what appears to be an obsession to pills after being arrested for a DWI and on a DL again with whinging behind issues, a European Ryder Cup favourite would like to see a 14-time vital leader behind on a course.

Winning on a PGA Tour, however, is another thing altogether.

“Let’s wish he can [come back]. He’s apparently in difficulty now,” pronounced Montgomerie, who, like many in a golf world, believed a Florida military releasing photos and videos of Woods’ DUI detain was unseemly. “But let’s wish he gets better, and healthy, and comes back.”

Montgomerie believed it competence be doable for Tiger to get behind to where he once was, though he remarkable that he would have to transcend even his best to be means only to contend with a Rory McIlroys, Dustin Johnsons, and Jordan Spieths.

“I don’t consider that’s going to be possible, to be honest,” he said. “If he can get behind to a customary he was, that’s good adequate for tip 5 nowadays, But to win, a customary has left past that. Let’s wish he can since it would be good for a game.”

Montgomerie, who got off to a 1-over 71 during Salem on Thursday, would also adore to see Tiger out personification with a comparison set though wonders if that can ever happen.

“Tiger’s 42 in December, so he’s got another 9 years to go before he’s out here,” a 2014 U.S. Senior Open champion said. “That’s a prolonged time for someone who’s harmed and hasn’t played.”

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