Tiger Woods To Skip Chevron World Challenge

Golfer Tiger Woods pronounced he will not play in a Chevron World Challenge in California this week.

The plea advantages Woods’ foundation.

The proclamation came 3 days after Woods strike a glow hydrant and a tree outward of his house. Sunday, military expelled a 911 recording of a call done by Woods’ neighbor after a crash.

“I have a neighbor. He strike a tree,” a 911 tourist said. “We came out here usually to see what was going on. we see him, and he’s laying down.”

Also Sunday, in a matter posted on his Web site, Woods pronounced a automobile pile-up that sent him to a sanatorium is his error and has turn annoying to him and his family, though he skeleton to keep it a private matter.

Lawyer Mark Nejame contacted Florida Highway Patrol on Sunday to surprise a dialect that he would be representing Woods and that, for a third time, Woods would be canceling a military interview. Nejame before represented George and Cindy Anthony — a grandparents of slain Central Florida girl, Caylee Anthony.

Sgt. Kim Montes, of a Florida Highway Patrol, pronounced Woods did not reschedule a meeting. The trade pile-up stays underneath review and charges are pending, Montes pronounced Sunday afternoon.

Images Of Crash | Report: Police Seeking Records | Waiting Continues | Crash ‘Private Matter’ | 911 Call

In Woods’ Web site statement, he pronounced his wife, Elin Nordegren, acted “courageously” when she saw that he was hurt. He pronounced any other avowal is “absolutely false.”

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The Windermere military arch pronounced Woods’ mother used a golf bar to pound out a automobile window and assistance giveaway him from his oppulance competition application vehicle.

Woods pronounced he understands that there is oddity about a accident. He pronounced a “malicious” rumors present about him and his family are irresponsible.

The world’s No. 1 golfer pronounced he has cuts and bruising and is “pretty sore.”

WESH 2 News was a initial to news that Woods had been harmed in a pile-up outward his Isleworth home Friday during about 2:30 a.m. Woods was treated for facial lacerations during Health Central Hospital.

Images Of Woods

“He was admitted, treated and expelled in good condition,” pronounced Susan Jackson, of Health Central.

Woods’ central Web site posted a same summary initially, job a pile-up a teenager accident.

FHP pronounced a pile-up is still underneath investigation. It pronounced ethanol did not play a purpose in a crash, though that charges are pending. Saylor described Nordegren as raging and upset, adding that they saw no denote that domestic assault might have been concerned in a incident.

Tiger Woods’ Isleworth Home, Car Crash 2-81.5355491638183628.48113449222591221749250

“It was her father laying on a ground, so she was flattering upset,” he said. “My officers had no denote of domestic assault or anything like that.”

Woods lives with Nordegren and dual children.

WESH 2 News found that Woods’ usually trade reference in Orange County was in 2001, when he paid $220 for a assign of wrong speed by a construction zone.

Attorney: Woods Doesn’t Have To Talk To Police

Serious questions have flush in a issue of a crash, and Woods has been means to retard countless attempts by a FHP to speak him.

On Sunday, Woods handed over his driver’s license, registration and explanation of word to a FHP. Under Florida statute, that’s all that’s compulsory of him.

“He unequivocally doesn’t have any requirement to speak to law enforcement,” pronounced Joerg Jaeger, of Jaeger and Blankner.

Jaeger is a former conduct of a State Attorney’s Office Traffic Division. He pronounced that, since Woods usually strike a tree and a glow hydrant, he can keep what happened during a pile-up to himself. The diction in a government explains why.

“That is a pivotal of it, ‘driven or attended.’ Obviously a glow hydrant isn’t attended during 2 a.m., and a neighbor’s tree wasn’t attended,” Jaeger said. “So he didn’t strike anything that compulsory him to give any information.”

Fans Speculate About Crash

Chopper 2 was a initial over a scene, that fast started attracting attention.

A confidence ensure was posted outward and families in golf carts gathering by to see what was happening.

Speculation surrounding a pile-up also buzzed on a Internet Friday night, from lightsome Tweets about Woods’ unsuitable pushing to some-more critical allegations that his matrimony was on a rocks.

News outlets from around a republic were also seen checking with internal draw yards, perplexing to find out a border of a crash.

Many also teed off on Woods’ personal life on a Internet. Woods’ pile-up came after a story in National Enquirer claimed that a golfer was carrying an event with a New York socialite. Gossip site TMZ.com wrote that Woods and his mother argued before a crash, a explain Windermere’s military did not endorse to WESH 2. A Google hunt for “Tiger Woods Affair” incited adult 900,000 hits, while a hunt for “Tiger Woods Accident” showed that millions are already blogging about a incident.

Authorities pronounced they won’t assume on what happened before Woods crashed his oppulance competition application vehicle.

Montes pronounced that investigators are usually looking into a occurrence as a trade crash. She pronounced investigators are “trying not to get on a gossip mill.”

TMZ Coverage Of Tiger Woods

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