Tiger Woods score: Final-round results, highlights from a Memorial

Given his place on a leaderboard, Tiger Woods’ measure in a final turn of a Memorial Tournament on Sunday was worth tracking. He entered Round 4 during 9 underneath for a tournament, tied for seventh altogether on a leaderboard and 5 shots behind a leader.

Tiger finished his final turn with a same score, 9 underneath for a tournament, after sharpened a 72. The problem was he entered a hall in a tie for 23rd after an up-and-down day that netted zero special.

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The categorical issue for Tiger in a final turn of a Memorial was a same thing that doomed him in prior rounds — his putting. He strike 10 of 14 fairways and 13 of 18 greens, though he had 31 putts.

“I had some chances to fire some good rounds this week,” he said after a round. “Overall my diversion is where it needs to be streamer into a US Open, that is a positive.”

SN followed Tiger’s final turn with live updates and highlights in genuine time. Here’s how it went down.

THE MEMORIAL: Full leaderboard

Tiger Woods score: Results, highlights from a Memorial

HOLE 18: Par 4, 484 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger’s final tee shot of a day was a good one, right down a core of a fairway.
— Second shot: Barely held a front corner of a green, environment him adult for a possibility during a prolonged birdie to finish a day.
— First putt: Short, of course. How else would Tiger finish a tournament? The 35-footer’s hurl stopped a integrate feet short.
— Second putt: Got it. Tiger’s day ends with a par. PAR

HOLE 17: Par 4, 478 yards

— Tee shot: His iron shot trafficked 291 yards and landed in a core of a fairway.
— Second shot: Another plain strike. This one found a immature about 8 feet from a hole.
— First putt: Missed it again. Tiger’s putting has been a disaster all weekend.
— Second putt: Got it. PAR

HOLE 16: Par 3, 201 yards

— Tee shot: Caught a behind finish of a green. The turn rolled somewhat divided from a hole to set him adult for a 40-foot birdie putt.
— First putt: Not adequate on it. It was streamer for a mangle to a right though stopped a few feet brief of a hole.
— Second putt: Missed it. His first three-putt of a turn continues a story of a contest for Tiger.
— Third putt: A frustrating tap-in. BOGEY

HOLE 15: Par 5, 529 yards

— Tee shot: Best motorist shot of a turn so distant for Tiger. He sent one 283 yards down a core of a fairway.
— Second shot: Whoops. He sailed one to a left of a immature and landed it in a gallery. May or might not have strike a person.
— Third shot: Not a bad on deliberation a problem of his shot. It rolled brief and right of a hole to set adult a 15-foot birdie putt.
— First putt: Too most speed. Tiger sent it far-reaching left; it didn’t break.
— Second putt: Got it. Hooked a left corner of a cup. PAR

HOLE 14: Par 4, 363 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger laid adult with an iron and rolled his shot down a core of a fairway, a 236-yarder.
— Second shot: His proceed with a opening crowd was solid, as it found a front of a green, though it didn’t hurl toward a hole a proceed Tiger wanted.
— First putt: Short again. He rolled it a small to a right, too.
— Second putt: Got it. PAR

HOLE 13: Par 4, 455 yards

— Tee shot: Very bad. Out of bounds, distant right with a driver. Tiger immediately asked for a new turn after his shot landed.
— Provisional.
— Second tee shot: Much better. He hugged a right corner of a fairway and avoided a rough.
— Third shot: A good approach. He stranded one on a immature and rolled it behind a few feet toward a hole for a good possibility to penetrate a six-footer.
— First putt: Got it. BOGEY

HOLE 12: Par 3, 184 yards

— Tee shot: Great shot. Tiger landed one on a green left of a hole for a good possibility during birdie from 8 feet away.
— First putt: Nope. Not adequate speed, and it pennyless right earlier than Tiger expected.
— Second putt: Another unsatisfactory tap-in. PAR

HOLE 11: Par 5, 567 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger laid behind on his tee shot, promulgation it 264 yards to a core of a left-bending fairway.
— Second shot: He smacked his second shot 195 yards to a fairway only brief of a green.
— Third shot: He didn’t penetrate it like he did Friday, though his proceed on 11 was a good one. He strike a immature and spun a turn behind toward a hole to set adult a five-foot birdie putt.
— First putt: That’ll work. BIRDIE

HOLE 10: Par 4, 471 yards

— Tee shot: The motorist shot was pulled left. It landed in a severe and rolled into a left-side fairway fort after roving 276 yards.
— Second shot: Tiger only wanted to get behind to a fairway and try to save par. He chipped one 82 yards to a fairway in front of a green.
— Third shot: Great shot. Tiger’s proceed grabbed the immature and employed behind spin to lift a turn behind toward a hole. He’d have a five-footer for par.
— First putt: Yikes. Not good. He sailed it far-reaching left. It would be Tiger’s initial spook of a round.
— Second putt: A daub in. BOGEY

HOLE 9: Par 4, 412 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger’s stinger shot was perfect; down a core of a true fairway, 261 yards.
— Second shot: A good approach. It stranded to the core of a immature and set him adult for an 18-foot birdie putt.
— First putt: Wow. Missed it by maybe an in. to a right. Tiger judged a mangle and speed well, though not good enough.
— Second putt: A really unsatisfactory tap-in. PAR

HOLE 8: Par 3, 185 yards

— Tee shot: Not bad. Tiger stranded a turn in a severe on a front corner of a green. At slightest he avoided a bunkers that approximate a eighth green.
— Second shot: A decent chip rolled only left of a hole. The speed was good. It set adult a one-foot standard putt.
— First putt: A relations tap-in. PAR

HOLE 7: Par 5, 563 yards

— Tee shot: Another driver. This time his tee shot stranded on a right corner of a left-bending fairway after roving 287 yards.
— Second shot: Tiger bloody his second shot 290 yards to a behind corner of a green, where it rolled into a rough.
— Third shot: Tiger’s chip clipped a corner of a immature and rolled right, not toward a hole. He would have a 20-footer for birdie.
— First putt: A slight skip to a right. The speed was a small off, and he only misjudged a break.
— Second putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 6: Par 4, 447 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger used his motorist for a initial time in a round, and he sailed his tee shot right, into a fort off a corner of a fairway.
— Second shot: We have bar throwing, if that’s an denote of how a fort shot went. It sailed a small too far and landed in a severe behind a green.
— Third shot: Not a bad approach, though it rolled about 7 feet over a immature for a wily standard putt.
— First putt: Got it. PAR

HOLE 5: Par 5, 527 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger smacked his tee shot to an ideal location, though it rolled a small far, off a right-bending fairway and into a center rough.
— Second shot: His proceed landed on a right side of a long, left-bending green; a good shot deliberation a tough angle he had. He’ll have a 45-foot eagle putt.
— First putt: Short. Tiger’s line was on, though he didn’t have adequate on it. About 3 feet short.
— Second putt: The three-footer falls. BIRDIE

HOLE 4: Par 3, 200 yards

— Tee shot: Tiger found one of a 4 bunkers that approximate a fourth green. He landed in a silt trap to a left.
— Second shot: A good out landed only brief of a hole, reduction than a feet away. The bad tee shot ends adult not spiteful him.
— First putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 3: Par 4, 401 yards

— Tee shot: A good iron shot trafficked 272 yards and landed in a core of a fairway; Tiger’s third fairway in 3 holes.
— Second shot: Another green, environment himself adult for a 10-footer for birdie. Tiger’s 6 shots by 3 holes have been scarcely perfect.
— First putt: Just missed it. His putt didn’t mangle right as most as he hoped it would.
— Second putt: Another frustrating tap-in. PAR

HOLE 2: Par 4, 455 yards

— Tee shot: Another plain tee shot with a 3 wood. Tiger’s shot trafficked 326 yards, hugged a left corner of a fairway and stayed divided from a rough; identical to his tee shot on 1.
— Second shot: Got a green. He stranded one on a front, about 20 feet from a hole for a possibility during a tough birdie.
— First putt: A slight skip to a right on an ascending put.
— Second putt: A tap-in. PAR

HOLE 1: Par 4, 470 yards

— Tee shot: A plain start. Tiger’s tee shot trafficked 300 yards, hugged a right corner of a fairway and stayed divided from a rough.
— Second shot: Another beauty. His second shot forsaken on a core of a immature about 13 feet from a hole for a possibility at birdie.
— First putt: Got it. Now, if Tiger could only keep adult a plain putting via a round. BIRDIE

Live updates:

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