Tiger Woods’ scheduled prosecution on DUI assign pushed behind a month

Tiger Woods’ prosecution for a DUI assign he perceived on May 29 has been pushed behind a month from a strange date.

Woods will now be arraigned on Aug. 9 after a presiding decider on his box canceled a initial Jul 5 hearing, according to a Associated Press, that cites justice documents.

Though Woods was charged with pushing underneath a change and unsuccessful margin seriousness tests, he claimed no ethanol was in his system; dual Breathalyzers administered on his attainment during a military hire reliable as much.

Woods claimed an astonishing greeting to medication drugs — Vicodin and Xanax, potentially among others – caused a incident. His automobile was pulled over on a side of a highway with half of a car still in a right line and a spin vigilance on. Damage was found on both bumpers.

The AP records that Woods could find and be postulated a diversion program, that would concede his DUI assign to be downgraded to forward driving. In that case, he would expected perform village service, compensate a excellent and offer trial while holding pushing courses.

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