Tiger Woods says today’s golf balls fly too distant for today’s courses

Tiger Woods says it’s a tools, not a players. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press)

In 2001, after Tiger Woods had won a second of his 4 Green Jackets during a Masters, Augusta National’s mind trust motionless that a march had turn too easy for a immature luminary and a PGA Tour’s other large hitters. It was easy to see why: Woods won his initial Masters in 1997 by finishing 18 underneath par, a 72-hole contest record that still stands, and he shot 16 underneath in winning his second.

So a bar combined yardage to half a holes forward of a 2002 tournament, that Woods again won, this time sharpened 12 underneath par. In after years, trees were added, tees were changed back, a severe was grown aloft and a fairways were narrowed, and in 2006 a march was extended nonetheless again. Today it measures 7,435 yards, that is around 500 yards longer that it was when Woods initial won a Masters.

Augusta wasn’t alone in “Tiger-proofing” a course, and a use continued even as Woods’s career began to decrease given of injuries. In 2009, for instance, a iconic “Road Hole” 17th during St. Andrews was extended from 465 yards — a stretch for some-more than a century — to 490 yards “to revive a strange plea of a hole,” the Royal and Ancient Club pronounced in a statement.

But now Woods is observant it isn’t a large hitters who are a problem. It’s a ball.

“We need to do something about a golf ball,” Woods pronounced recently on U-Conn. women’s basketball Coach Geno Auriemma’s podcast. “I only consider it’s going too far, given we’re carrying to build golf courses, if they wish to have a championship venue, they’ve got to be 7,400 to 7,800 yards long.

“And if a diversion keeps surpassing a approach it is with technology, we consider a 8,000-yard golf march is not too distant away. And that’s flattering frightful given we don’t have adequate skill to start conceptualizing these form of golf courses, and it only creates it so most some-more complicated.”

Woods joins Jack Nicklaus and others in doubt a moody stretch of today’s golf balls, though his self-interest in a matter substantially should be noted. Woods has his possess course-design firm, so of march he’d rather not have to squeeze plots of land that can reason 8,000-yard courses.

As for his possess stretch off a tee, Woods says his liberation from behind medicine is going good forward of a arriving Hero World Challenge, his initial contest given February.

“I can’t trust how distant I’m attack a golf ball,” Woods said. “I’m behind to attack it my full numbers [yardages] and not unequivocally perplexing to do that. we didn’t comprehend how most we had forsaken off given of a pain in my behind and from me going during it and attack it normal only given we only lived it from day to day and we unequivocally couldn’t tell a difference. But now we can tell a difference.”

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