Tiger Woods says he has finished diagnosis over issues with pain medication

Tiger Woods says he’s checked out of a hospital where he went to get assistance traffic with pain medications, adding he will “continue to tackle this going forward”.

Tiger Woods

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July 3, 2017

“I recently finished an out of state private complete program,” Woods tweeted. “I will continue to tackle this going brazen with my doctors, family and friends. we am so really grateful for all of a support I’ve received.”

The diagnosis follows a golfer’s detain in May on a DUI assign after he was found defunct during a circle in Jupiter, Florida, around 2am. Woods told military he was holding several prescriptions. No ethanol was found in his system.

Woods pronounced in a matter final month that he was receiving veteran assistance to conduct his drugs and how he deals with pain and a nap disorder. His representative reliable that a 14-time vital champion, who had behind medicine in April, was seeking in-patient treatment.

In June, Woods’s representative Mark Steinberg spoke about a pain Woods has gifted due to his behind issues. “Tiger has been traffic with so most pain physically. And that leads to insomnia and nap issues. This has been going on for a prolonged time. Was a night in doubt a tipping point? He’s now left and checked himself into a facility,” he said. “He’s been in pain for so long. He’s had to hoop a pain, that afterwards potentially leads to a miss of nap given you’re in so most pain.”

Woods has not played in a contest given February. His final feat in a vital came in 2008 during a US Open.

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