Tiger Woods reveals his tip to a ideal bar twirl

The bar whirl has turn a common steer in veteran golf and there are copiousness of immature masters from Alex Levy to Patrick Reed, who even introduced a one-handed version. But a godfather of this adorned pierce is Tiger Woods. And on Tuesday, he suggested a tip to a ideal bar twirl.

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You’re substantially meditative how is there a tip to bar twirling? You only whirl a damn bar after a shot! And you’re mostly correct. But as Woods common with Ahmad Rashad (Man, we skip him on NBA Inside Stuff), there’s a startling approach to get a small some-more oomph into those twirls. See for yourself:

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The right thumb?! For a maladroit twirl?! Even a astounded Justin Thomas can be overheard in a clip. But that’s because Tiger’s a whirl GOAT. Although, for some reason, Ahmad calls it “spinning.” C’mon, Ahmad, you’re improved than that. Anyway, here’s a demeanour behind by a years:

And here’s one from progressing this season:

Yep, he’s still got it.

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