Tiger Woods, Nike, And MeToo: How A Decade Impacted The Existence Of An Iconic Partnerships

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When Tiger Woods sank his final putt to secure his fifth Masters pretension on Sunday afternoon, Nike fast dropped an announcement commemorating his victory, his comeback, and his relentless office of a crazy childhood dream to one day locate a mythological Jack Nicklaus.  A dream that didn’t seem so crazy when Woods won his 14th vital (to Jack’s 18 majors) during a 2008 U.S. Open during a age of 32, though a dream that became rarely extraordinary as Woods dealt with a accumulation of health and personal issues between 2008 by 2015…hardly personification during all in 2016 and 2017 as he tended to his well-documented behind issues.

Nike has been with Tiger Woods by thick and skinny over a years, though it’s furious to consider what competence have spin of this partnership had a timing of a #metoo epoch happened a decade earlier than it did.


The Tiger-Nike attribute is one of a many iconic contestant publicity deals in a story of sports.  It began in 1996, a year Tiger incited pro.  Since then, a Nike swoosh has ornate Tiger’s hats and shirts.  For several years (until Nike close down their golf apparatus business in Aug 2016), he played with Nike clubs and a Nike golf ball.

The attribute has combined many memorable memories of both Tiger and Nike.  Three that come to mind include:

(1) The Nike Golf commercial where Tiger juggles a spin with his bar for about 25 seconds before popping it adult and knocking it down a use range.

(2) Tiger’s unfit chip-in shot on a 16th hole during a 2005 Masters, where a spin lingers on a mouth of a hole only prolonged adequate that we can solemnly see a Nike swoosh solidified in a minds until a spin miraculously sinks into a hole.  This shot helped him secure his fourth immature jacket.

(3) Another Nike Golf commercial, this time featuring Tiger and then-newcomer Rory McIlroy enjoying a Michael Jordan-Larry Bird-like shot contest.

Indeed, a attribute has generated millions of dollars in business for both sides.  Tiger’s initial agreement with Nike in 1996 (reportedly for $40 million over 5 years).  According to a 2013 ESPN report, this was followed by an estimated $100 million agreement sealed in 2001 over 5 years, and afterwards an 8-year understanding in 2006 for an estimated $20-40 million annually.  The partnership was extended again in 2013 for an undisclosed sum, and remained total even after Nike finished their golf apparatus prolongation in 2016.

On a flip side, Nike has perceived extensive code bearing for a improved partial of 20 years teaming adult with a mythological golfer.  According to Apex Marketing, the code value that Nike perceived from Woods’ on-camera bearing during a final spin of a Masters promote on CBS – where viewers can see a Nike swoosh on Tiger’s hat, shirt, pants, and boots – is roughly $22,540,000.  And that’s only a code value compared with one spin of golf!  So supplement a accumulative code value he’s amassed for Nike over 20 years of being one of a world’s preeminent sportsmen, and we can know since they’ve paid Tiger a king’s ransom.


Tiger’s quip from personal peccadillos and physically debilitating injuries is inspiring, and positively estimable of a “crazy enough” Nike ad thesis started in Sep 2018 featuring a likes of Colin Kaepernick and Serena Williams.  I’m truly happy for him and his family.

And Nike has undoubtedly stood by their man, both in a face of a DUI detain in May 2017 (where it was reported that Tiger had an astonishing greeting to medication drugs while during a wheel), and positively some-more prominently, in a face of a marital infidelity liaison in late 2009 that led to a fibre of annoying revelations and countless companies slicing ties with Woods (e.g. Gillette, Accenture, ATT and Gatorade).

Yes, it was roughly 10 years ago when Tiger’s marital infidelity became provender for open consumption.

But 10 years ago, we don’t remember anyone articulate about #metoo.

Which begs a question.  Had a #metoo epoch been benefaction in 2009, would Nike have been means to keep Tiger Woods as a partner once his personal peccadillos came to light?

The answer, roughly certainly, would have been “no”.


Tiger Woods, a golfer, is back.  And a attribute between Nike and Tiger has never left away.

But that same attribute would have been severed in 2009 had a #metoo transformation already been stirring during a time of Tiger’s transgressions.

And when we consider about a millions Tiger has warranted from Nike, and a millions Nike has, in turn, warranted from consumers who have purchased Nike rigging over a years since of Tiger, it truly is extraordinary to consider what would have happened to both Tiger Woods and Nike Golf had #metoo happened in 2009.

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