Tiger Woods hits hole-out eagle in Memorial for one of his best shots …

Tiger Woods is carrying utterly a quip season.

After losing years of foe to ongoing injuries, Woods has been on something of a rip this year. While he has nonetheless to measure his initial feat behind on a Tour, he has distinctively outperformed expectations, and brought copiousness of his Tiger magic behind to a sport.

His skills were on arrangement again on Friday, during a second turn of a Memorial Tournament. Woods was already carrying a plain turn after a intermediate initial day of a tournament. But on a par-5 No. 11, Woods holed out an eagle that sent a throng into comprehensive hysterics. It was a reversion impulse to a times when Tiger could take over an whole march with a concern of his presence.

You can watch a illusory shot below.

The eagle brought Woods to five-under on a tournament, only 5 strokes off a lead, only as play was dangling due to continue concerns.

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