Tiger Woods golfs with Peyton Manning in Memorial pro-am, is tender with QB’s improvement


Golfweek columnist Eamon Lynch says Woods returning to those courses after in his career competence have a downside— if it can even be called a “downside.”

DUBLIN, Ohio – With Tiger Woods standing usually a few feet divided and a vast gallery looking on, Peyton Manning finished his turn Wednesday during Muirfield Village on a ideal note – he canned an 18-footer for birdie on a 18th hole.

“That’s all that matters,” Manning joked after a dual finished a pro-am forward of Thursday’s start of a 44th Memorial Tournament.

For a second uninterrupted year, Manning and Woods were grouped in a pro-am during Muirfield Village. The dual have played a lot of golf together, including pro-ams in 2005 during Bay Hill forward of a Arnold Palmer Invitational, and in 2009 during a Quail Hollow Championship. And a leader of 15 majors and a quarterback of dual Super Bowl victories don’t play a still round.

“He usually gave me crap a whole time,” Woods said. “Which is standard for a course. It’s what we do. We give any other a flattering good needle.”

They image out compliments, as well.

“Look, to go behind a ropes and to play with this man on this march and see Jack Nicklaus during a turn, anybody that loves golf, it’s a genuine thrill,” Manning said. “I’ve played a lot of golf with Tiger all a approach by a years. It doesn’t unequivocally dazzle me many anymore. I’ve seen so many implausible things that we kind of come to design it. When he creates a par, it’s kind of like you’re surprised.

“He drives it great. And he gave me a good review on 18.”

“It was a good putt,” Woods said.

The birdie putt wasn’t a usually considerable thing Woods saw of Manning.

“He’s gotten so many better,” Woods said. “When we initial played, he was usually kind of starting out in a game. But now that he’s late he can play a lot some-more golf. That’s been flattering cold for me to be means to play with him via a years. To know what he’s left by and see him get prepared for a deteriorate and what he’s been means to accomplish after all those surgeries, to travel around mass like this, it’s always fun.”

Manning returned in kind when asked to review his lapse from neck medicine to Woods’ lapse from alloy medicine and 3 other behind procedures.

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“I don’t consider that anybody can pronounce to it from a earthy standpoint, injury-wise. Only we know what it feels like,” Manning said. “But we know how tough he worked. we know how he had to stop personification for a while since we had to stop throwing during one indicate since we didn’t like saying a approach we was throwing. So we kind of stop and arrange of restart, and that’s what he did.

“I consider a many considerable thing is how he’s been means to adjust and be adaptive to personification in a new earthy state. And that’s what we did. To use a ball analogy: we couldn’t chuck a 100-mile-an-hour fastball anymore, though we can still work a outward edges of a image and we can still strike a man out that way. And he struck a lot of guys out down there during Augusta a few weeks ago and came home with a win. That to me is a many considerable thing, how adaptive he’s been.

“As a golf fan, like everybody, we favourite examination that Sunday. It’s good carrying him out here, examination him play again.”

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