Tiger Woods Foundation plays special purpose in student’s life

BETHESDA, Md. — Growing up, Adrian Arias didn’t have a prophesy over college.

Arias’ relatives attended college in a Dominican Republic afterwards after altered to Washington. So they couldn’t advise from knowledge what their son should pursue after he graduated from high school.

But Arias’ goals for a destiny altered when he perceived a grant from a Tiger Woods Foundation during his comparison year of high school.

With a foundation’s support, Arias set out and achieved his idea to connoisseur from Ohio Northern University with a GPA above 3.5 while apropos a initial member of his family to acquire a grade in a U.S.

He is one of some-more than 150,000 students who have perceived support from a Tiger Woods Foundation, that will applaud a 20th anniversary in September.

“The Tiger Woods Foundation has been some-more so like a family to me,” Arias said. “They’ve been my No. 1 supporters given we went to college. we had kind of a organisation of people who were some-more like a backbone, who could collect me adult and take me serve into a future.”

The Tiger Woods Foundation offers scholarships, after-school care, college preparation, pursuit networking and some-more to students who are in need. The grant is named after Woods’ father, Earl.

Each grant target is assigned a mentor, and in a open before attending college, Arias’ mentor, Tony Kim, set despotic discipline for his protégé. Kim told Arias he had to investigate in a library during slightest dual hours each day and he contingency connoisseur with a GPA above 3.5., educational goals that Arias had never been unprotected to before.

Though a transition was tough for Arias, he kept Kim’s final in a behind of his mind whenever he got distracted. He didn’t wish to let down his mentor.

Arias, 24, will enter his third year during Claude W. Pettit College of Law during Ohio Northern this fall.  He’s a initial member of his family to attend connoisseur school.

Before fasten a Tiger Woods Foundation, he had no idea where he’d be during this indicate in his life.

“I didn’t wish to be another particular in kind of a bad village who doesn’t go anywhere from there,” Arias said. “Coming from a family where there’s not most education, it was formidable given we had to do all on my own. Having [Kim] there yelling during me and pulling me helped me strech those goals even faster.”

Arias ate lunch with Woods on Wednesday at Congressional Country Club, where a Quicken Loans National will take place this week. Woods is a horde of a tournament, that advantages his foundation.

Arias was fervent to uncover Woods photos of a time he visited a Old Course in St. Andrews in Scotland, a hearth of golf, where Woods won a British Open in 2000 and 2005.

Though Woods won’t contest in his possess eventuality this week due to a reduce behind damage and hasn’t won a vital golf contest given 2008, he’s been assisting others’ dreams come alive for scarcely 20 years off a course.

“Those are special kids,” Woods said. “You demeanour during these kids and watch them pronounce and think, ‘Holy cow, it’s flattering incredible.’ For them to have a mentors they’ve had and for them to feel like they’re partial of a family, partial of a unit, it means everything. …

“A lot of them are from socioeconomic backgrounds that aren’t unequivocally a best, though we consider that’s what we’re perplexing to explain to people. So many kids are under-served and it’s the avocation to repair that.”


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