Tiger Woods’ DUI detain elicits bad jokes though mostly sadness

Tiger Woods is once again front-page news — though positively not in a approach a former universe No. 1 hoped or envisioned.

Tiger boosters and critics were greeted on Memorial Day by headlines grating sum of the arrest of a biggest golfer of his — or any — era for pushing underneath a change and a military mop shot of a rumpled depressed luminary gazing blankly during a camera underneath half-closed eyelids.

It’s an design Woods haters and apologists as good are not expected to forget any time soon, and it came only a few days after a leader of 14 vital championships admitted himself pain-free following a fourth behind medicine and “unequivocally” fervent to resume his veteran golf career.

For sure, there were those who chose to make light of a conditions that positively could have been a lot worse given no one was physically spoiled by Woods’ impossibly bad visualisation to get behind a circle while underneath a change of what Tiger pronounced after on Monday was an “unexpected greeting to prescribed medications.”

That greeting caused Jupiter, Fla. military to lift him over during around 3 a.m. ET on Monday, book him during 7:18 a.m., and recover him during 10:50 a.m. And, of course, there were a comparisons to that glow hydrant Woods’ SUV corroborated into on Thanksgiving night 2009.

But a underlying tension from a few who know Woods good was one of unhappy for a sports figure who once dominated his game, prisoner a imagination of even less-than-casual fans, and is a clinging father of two. Hank Haney, Tiger’s manager for 6 years, called it “sad.”

“I don’t unequivocally know what else to contend other than that,” Haney pronounced on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio Monday after a news broke. “It’s a unhappy picture, a unhappy title … It’s tough to be Tiger Woods and it has been for a prolonged time.”

Notah Begay III, Tiger’s aged crony who worked tough to overcome his possess DUI 17 years ago, urged his Stanford teammate to use a arise as a wake-up call.

“It’s annoying for Tiger,” Golf Channel researcher Begay pronounced on Monday. “It’s something that we can’t go behind and change.”

Like a chagrin of his sex scandal, a contrition of that Michael Jordan believes continues to haunt him.

And now this.

The wish here is, while Tiger “cannot erase … a things that happened,” as MJ told ESPN The Magazine last year about T-Dub, that he will get a assistance he needs to overcome his latest woes, put this many new indignation behind him, and pierce on with his life for his and his kids’ sake.

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