Tiger Woods Didn’t Win Again. But He Will.

In a issue of his arrest, golf could not have been serve from Woods’s mind. He entered an quadriplegic diagnosis module for obsession to medication drugs and had a pushing underneath a change charges opposite him were dropped.

“I was struggling there for a while, and now I’m on a other finish of a spectrum,” Woods pronounced Sunday. “I don’t have a pain, that is incredible, and I’m means to do this again, something we adore and something that I’ve been doing for a unequivocally prolonged time. Golf’s been a partial of my life ever given we can remember, and we didn’t know if we could ever be a partial of a diversion again.”

With 79 Tour victories, including 14 majors, Woods has zero left to prove. His quip already has succeeded in winning him a new era of fans. The pulsing gallery toll a initial tee on Sunday when Woods teed off alongside Whee Kim and J.B. Holmes enclosed dozens of youngsters who weren’t innate when Woods final won a major, during a 2008 United States Open.

Dora Nevarrez, 6, and her brother, Nolan, 5, knew Woods mostly as a impression in one of a video games they play with their father, Christian, who brought them to Muirfield Village so they could spy Woods in a flesh. Behind a hole, peering out from underneath a signpost identifying a initial tee, Josh Braver snapped a sketch of Woods’s follow by while his five-year-old son, Luke, gazed during a picture on a viewfinder.

When asked what he knows about Woods, Luke Braver said, “He used to be really, unequivocally good until he harm his back. He won roughly each singular time he played.”

Along a second fairway, Caleb Williams, 10, and his parents, Heidi and Keith, staked out a mark along a gallery rope. Williams and his mom acted as his father waited to take a sketch until Woods strolled into a background.

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