Tiger Woods calls Dustin Johnson USGA manners debate a ‘farce’

Tiger Woods is an occasional writer to Twitter though a manners ruckus that a USGA caused by job a late chastisement on U.S. Open personality Dustin Johnson riled even a Big Cat.

Woods — examination a vital from somewhere off-site as he continues to rehab his surgically remade behind — responded to a conditions in that a chair of a USGA manners cabinet excluded DJ of causing his turn to pierce on a fifth green, usually to have someone overrule his preference later. The conditions changed into a Twilight Zone when a manners potentate approached Johnson on a 12th tee and sensitive him that he might (or might not) have indeed accrued a chastisement after all and would be sensitive of a preference after a round.

The whole uncanny occurrence caused an conflict opposite a universe of golf, with players including Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth tweeting their outrage.

Even Jack Nicklaus, on palm to honour a first-time vital personality in person, weighed in on a USGA’s gaffe.

“I suspicion what we did with all that crap they threw during we was flattering good,” Nicklaus told DJ after a USGA finished adult assessing him a one-stroke chastisement and obscure his winning measure to 4-under 276, according to ESPN’s Ian O’Connor.

The 18-time vital champion termed a USGA’s preference “terrible” and “very unfair,” O’Connor tweeted.

DJ, for his part, weathered a charge with beauty and fortitude. He quietly finished birdie on a 72nd hole to spike down what incited out to be a three-shot win over Jim Furyk, Scott Piercy and 54-hole personality Shane Lowry after a USGA deemed he had caused his turn to pierce and tacked on a chastisement shot.

While his peers could not enclose their exasperation with what went down, Johnson, loyal to his laid-back persona, took it all in stride.

“You know,” he told Fox Sports’ Joe Buck during a prize celebration, “it’s something they pronounced they were going to demeanour during when we got finished so we only attempted to concentration on what we was doing, not worry about a chastisement stroke, and only personification golf from there to a house.”

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