Tiger Woods suggested to ‘stay horizontal’ during liberation for behind injury

At some point, we have to be honest about only how bad things are for Tiger Woods. Maybe now is that time. On Wednesday, I opined about his career and his future, and now his representative Mark Steinberg is delivering some-more bad news.

“He flew out here (to California) and got to see one of his doctors,” Steinberg told a Associated Press. “Based on a work they did a final integrate of days, they suggested he only stay horizontal. It’s best to listen to a doctors. The ultimate idea is to get out and play.”

They suggested he only stay horizontal does not sound really good. In fact, it sounds utterly bad for someone who has had 3 behind surgeries in a final 3 years. 

Then there was this sourced gob from Chris Solomon during No Laying Up.

So maybe this is simply behind spasms like Steinberg has been observant for dual weeks, though maybe it is something distant some-more nefarious. It certain sounds like it. 

“The idea is to get all to ease down, have it ease down for a while, continue to get diagnosis and get behind to a place where he’s chipping and putting and attack balls,” Steinberg continued to a AP. “We’re not articulate about an extended break.”

Except it kind of feels like we are. From “stay horizontal” to “play 72 holes” in a camber of a few weeks? we theory it depends on how we conclude “extended.”

Maybe Woods won’t be means to play a rest of a year. Based on Steinberg’s words, we have to consider this is a legitimate concern. Or maybe he’ll contend during a Masters. Nobody indeed knows. And we competence not get a genuine hold for a few weeks how all of this will shake out, though a hits keep on entrance for a 14-time vital winner.

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