Tiger Woods adds another behind medicine to his prolonged list of injuries

Tiger Woods, in what contingency be a quintessential “stop me if you’ve listened this before” moment, announced on Thursday that he had undergone nonetheless another behind surgery — his fourth in small some-more than 3 years, if you’re gripping measure during home. He also pronounced that, if all goes according to plan, a successful procession will concede a world’s 788th-ranked golfer to “return to full activity in about 6 months.”

Uh huh. Hey, during slightest there’s finally a calendar for Woods’ comeback, yet “full activity” does not indispensably meant a owners of 14 vital championships and an roughly gigantic series of vital injuries will be PGA Tour-ready in Oct — or any time in a future, for that matter.

In fact, isn’t it time to call it, Tiger? How many some-more abuse can your smashed physique withstand before we finally acknowledge— as many of your supporters have — that your personification days are over?

Or, maybe a fourth time’s a charm?

Not frequency likely, if a new story of a 41-year-old with an 80-year-old framework is any indication.

To summation only a many evident past, Woods returned in Dec from a 15-month interregnum to play in his Hero World Challenge, where he carded a boatload of birdies yet finished 15th in a 18-player field. He afterwards announced an desirous report that would take him from Torrey Pines to a Middle East and behind to a states for 4 events in 5 weeks heading adult to the Masters in April.

The best-laid plans, eh? In early February, Woods withdrew from a Dubai Desert Classic before a second turn and after carding an opening 77 and gimping around a Emirates Golf Club like a “old man” Brandel Chamblee pronounced he resembled.

Woods pulled out of a Masters a Friday before, yet he was benefaction for a Champions Dinner dual days forward of a start of a tournament. He seemed again this past Tuesday to representation his pattern company’s initial open march and uncover off his swing, that did not go quite well, unless splashing a crowd shot from 100 yards was on a agenda.

Two days later, Woods announced that a maiden lumbar interbody alloy to soothe behind and leg pain “went well.”

With that, here is an updated chronology of a boo-boos and wounds Tiger has suffered given branch pro in 1996 (his initial knee surgery, in 1994, occurred during his college days):

1998: Strains behind before to Kemper Open in June.

2002: Undergoes medicine to mislay liquid from around a maiden cruciate vinculum (ACL) of his left knee, yet rebounds to win his initial start a few weeks after during a 2003 Buick Invitational.

2007: Ruptures a ACL in his left knee while using yet plays by a pain and wins 5 of his subsequent 6 tournaments.

April 2008: Has arthroscopic medicine to correct cartilage in his left knee after finishing second during a Masters.

June 2008: After winning a U.S. Open (his 14th and final vital title) while personification with pain in his knee and dual highlight fractures in his left tibia, has medicine to refurbish a ACL and repair additional cartilage repairs in his left knee. The procession sidelines Woods for a residue of a season.

May 2010: Woods fears a prominent front in his neck when he withdraws from a final turn of The Players Championship, yet he earnings to a Memorial Tournament in Jun after doctors establish he had an delirious facet corner in his neck.

December 2010: Receives a cortisone shot in his right ankle to soothe slow tenderness in his Achilles.

April 2011: Woods announces that knee and Achilles tendon injuries incurred during a Masters will keep him out of a Wells Fargo Championship in May.

May 2011: A sprained MCL vinculum in his left knee and stretched left Achilles tendon force Woods out of The Players Championship for a second true year as he withdraws after 9 holes. Back on a sideline for 3 months, Woods misses a U.S. and British Opens and earnings to a WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in August.

March 2012: Withdraws from a final turn during Doral with pain in his left Achilles tendon, yet Tiger earnings dual weeks after to win a Arnold Palmer Invitational.

June 2013: An bend damage that occurred during The Players flares adult during a U.S. Open in June, forcing Woods out of movement until a British Open a month later.

August 2013: A behind spasm, that Woods blames on a soft mattress, drops Tiger to his knees during The Barclays.

March 2014: Lingering behind pain and spasms cut brief Woods’ Honda Classic, from that he withdraws on a 13th hole of a final round. He afterwards grimaces via a final-round 78 during Doral and skips Bay Hill with slow behind pain.

April 2014: Microdiscectomy medicine in Mar to assuage a pinched haughtiness in his behind army Woods to skip a initial Masters of his career.

August 2014: After tweaking his reduce behind while attack from an ungainly distortion in a fort on a second hole, Woods endures stability reduce behind pain that army a WD mid by a final turn during Firestone.

February 2015: Inability to activate his glutes (lower back) army Tiger to exit a Farmers Insurance Open only 11 holes into his opening round.

September 2015: Despite unchanging claims that he’s healthy, and after creation swell in his diversion during August’s Wyndham Championship where he finished T10, Tiger has a second microdiscectomy to mislay a front bit that was pinching his nerve. Surgery army him to skip a arriving Frys.com Open, Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup, and Hero World Challenge.

October 2015: Woods announces he has had a successful follow-up procession to a Sep medicine to “relieve discomfort” and offers no calendar for his lapse to competition.

April 2016: Continuing behind issues force Woods to skip a Masters for a second time in 3 years. “I’m positively creation progress, and I’m unequivocally happy with how distant I’ve come, yet we still have no calendar to lapse to rival golf,” Tiger says on his website.

October 2016: Three days after committing to start a Safeway Open, Woods withdraws, observant his health is good yet his diversion is not.

February 2017: Tiger looks miserable on his approach to posting an opening 77 in Dubai and his representative Mark Steinberg blames behind spasms for his client’s withdrawal before to a second round. Woods after announces he will not play a Genesis Open or Honda Classic.

March 2017: Back spasms continue to harass Tiger, who skips a Arnold Palmer Invitational and announces he will skip a Masters again since his diversion is not “tournament ready.”

April 2017: Woods announces his fourth “successful behind surgery,” this time to soothe stability pain in his behind and leg. After resting for several weeks, a devise is for Tiger to start therapy and treatment. While Dr. Richard Guyer of a Center for Disc Replacement during a Texas Back Institute, who achieved a surgery, records that “each procession and box is unique,” patients are customarily means to resume full activity in some 6 months. “After he recovers from surgery, he will gradually start his reconstruction until he is totally healed,” Guyer says. “Once that’s accomplished, his workouts will be geared to permitting him to lapse to rival golf.”

So, where does all this pain and wretchedness leave Tiger? As always, we have no idea, yet maybe we should trust Woods when he says it’s over, that he radically did in his new book on his ancestral 1997 Masters victory.

“A final thought: we lived in ’97 for that impulse when we had to perform,” Woods resolved in The 1997 Masters: My Story (with Lorne Rubenstein). “Maybe we don’t live as many for that now, yet we still crave competing. But we also comprehend that, physically, we can’t indispensably do what we wish to do. And we know I’ll skip it when I’m finished personification contest golf. Still, we adore being on my possess on a operation and going out in a dusk to play a few holes — only me, a golf ball, and a course. Compete [Tiger’s italics], though, stays my favorite word, and substantially always will.

“My relatives told me it was fine for me to fail, as prolonged as we gave it all we had.

“I have given it all we had.”

And afterwards some.

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