Tiger Woods’ 1992 PGA Tour debut: Looking during 4 sides of a classical moment

“Four Sides of a Story: Debut of a Tiger” is a new documentary constructed by CBS Sports that takes a demeanour during a commencement of Tiger Woods’ career when he played in a 1992 Nissan Los Angeles Open during Riviera Country Club. This enchanting uncover looks during a eventuality from 4 opposite perspectives.

The 4 perspectives come from a a contest executive in assign of a Riviera event, Woods’ high propagandize manager and teammate, dual reporters who lonesome a tournament, and personification partner Bob Friend.

“The comments were, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be a zoo since everybody is going to wish to go out there and see a kid,'” pronounced Friend while recalling Woods’ debut.

There was a clarity during a time that Woods was special, though nobody knew they were examination a birth of one of a good careers in sports story by a 16-year-old. Still, Woods was entrance off his initial U.S. Junior Amateur win and legitimately belonged in a pros, even during that age.

“I theory I’d contend Tiger was really, unequivocally good for a 16-year-old,” said their other personification partner, Dicky Thompson, in a review with Golf Digest. “His tee shots were towering, like a kids strike them today, though we don’t consider he was unequivocally on. we beheld some-more how he rubbed himself. He knew where to stand, what to do and what not to do. Just like a debate player, like he belonged.”

Be certain to locate “Four Sides of a Story: Debut of a Tiger” on CBS Sports Network during 7 p.m. ET on Monday. It will replay via a week, so check your listings for additional atmosphere times.

Woods’ whole life adult to afterwards had forked in this ubiquitous direction, though we don’t know how it’s going to go until a child indeed tees it up. Tiger missed a cut by 5 strokes after sharpened 72-75 in his initial PGA Tour event. Still, it was a special week. 

“I take it behind and a bar felt like it weighed like 8 tons,” Woods told Sean Martin of a PGA Tour about that fatal day. “I didn’t know if we could get it to a tip of my swing. … I’d never felt a bar get that heavy. we was nervous, like we always am before an event, though we had never felt so ungainly going back.”

And it was one of a few cuts Woods would skip for a subsequent few decades. He during one indicate went on to make a PGA Tour-record 142 cuts in a row, a symbol that competence never be touched.

“It was neat to be there and see one of we high propagandize players personification in a pro tournament,” pronounced Don Crosby, Woods’ high propagandize coach.

It was neat for a lot of reasons, and these 4 singular viewpoint yield fans an intriguing demeanour during what would finish adult being one of a biggest athletes to ever travel a face of a planet.

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