Thunder fans take heckling and trolling to new low contra Warriors

It is puzzled that 18,000 fans would be deliberate a deputy representation of a city with 1.3 million residents. But many of those in assemblage for a long-awaited Durant-Westbrook showdown during Chesapeake Energy Arena positively didn’t do a Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce any favors.

The locus was not filled with fans or fanatics, per se, given it is transparent these people were not encouraged essentially by unrestrained for their team. Of course, it is approaching that fans, while entertaining for their team, will disapprove a opponent. But there is booing, and afterwards there is a infamous function that was on arrangement Saturday night.

The infancy of Thunder fans seemed to be on a petty, small-minded goal to heckle, if not destroy, Kevin Durant. Long after a cupcake crumbs had incited stale, they kept a over-worn fun going, call Warriors’ sideline contributor Rosalyn Gold-Onwude to call out a transparent disproportion in decorum. Durant was there to take caring of business — and he did, mightily — and Thunder fans were there to heckle, taunt, mock, etc.

Rosalyn Gold-Onwude around Twitter

But even if a OKC fans had left it during hardcore heckling, maybe their function could be chalked adult to impassioned fandom. But things sloping out of that difficulty and into a intensity risk section when apparently apparent Thunder fan, “Big Rich,” got into it with Durant — Stephen Curry seated on a list between them, maybe as a uncover of flesh — and Coach Steve Kerr even exchanged difference with this out-of-control fan.

Law coercion officers were on palm to tell a male to siren down. But given was he not tossed from a arena? His function simply could have sloping a conditions into violence.

Earlier in a week, a written rumpus involving former NBA actor Charles Oakley tipped into a earthy one, started by one shove. Whatever went on there was cramped to a stands, thankfully. But this points to given a conditions with “Big Rich” was potentially disastrous: it occurred in really tighten vicinity to a players.

In a post-game interview, Draymond Green voiced his thankfulness for a law coercion officers who were there to intervene, as good as for a team’s confidence officials who were understandably on high alert. But “Big Rich” should have been tossed from a arena, generally deliberation that he has clearly led Oklahoma City in trolling Durant given a day he announced he was holding his talents to Oakland.

Here, “Big Rich” is seen in a video — on Kevin Durant’s skill — defacing a for-sale pointer and “returning” his jersey:

Surely, even Oklahoma has laws opposite trespassing and vandalism?

In a postgame interview, Green stated:

“That male [wearing a ‘KowarD’ shirt with a cupcake on a back] was unpleasant to us a whole night … Cheer. Heckle. Heckle all we want. But don’t be disrespectful. Calling guys p-words and all this stuff: ‘Get over there, tiny boy.’ He was unpleasant a whole night … This ain’t a ancient times. Slave days are over.”

So, it is no consternation that Andre Iguodala and Green took difference to being given orders by a confidence worker:

Marcus Thompson around Twitter

Marcus Thompson around Twitter

Iguodala and Green, like a rest of a team, showed adult to a locus to play a game. They approaching a antagonistic sourroundings filled with heckling and jeers. What they did not expect, and did not deserve, was a secular feeling projected onto them by some fans. They were there to do a job; this fan crossed a line; and a fan is a one who should have been dealt with by security, not a players.

Accepting secular abuse is not in anyone’s pursuit description.

After a game, Durant’s mother, Wanda, commented on a “vicious” things that were pronounced about her son:

“We poured a heart into this place. Not only him. Our family. This is basketball. This is not either or not you’re going to make it into heaven.

They called him a snake, a sellout, a b—-,” she said. “It’s only a unhappy day. we know that they desired him. we do know it. But a name-calling. The people with a cupcakes on their backs. … It didn’t have to be like this.”

So, a summary (as pitiable as it might be) is clear: Durant was desired and adored, so prolonged as he was giving this fan bottom what they wanted. As shortly as he finished a preference that did not align with their wishes, they incited on him in a misfortune approach possible. No longer assembly their needs — all goodness went out a window and they unprotected their loyal colors.

“Every time that I’ve been behind [in Oklahoma City], people seem like they are fearful to contend something good to me,” Wanda Durant continued. “People will whisper, ‘There’s his mom. Ooooooh!’”

Yet, they still contend he tricked them? Talk about host mentality.

For a record, Durant is still bankrolling charities in Oklahoma — we know, helping people — especially during a Positive Tomorrows propagandize for homeless youth. Yet, given he took a pursuit elsewhere, he unexpected is being racially abused and disrespected — called “boy” — by those who once claimed to adore him.

The new definition of “garbage time”

And, only when it seemed a contemptible disturbance was over, ESPN postgame coverage enclosed a news from outward Chesapeake Energy Arena by a internal broadcaster. The diversion was over; a Thunder had been crushed; and Durant had finished with a jubilant 34 points and 9 rebounds in 33 minutes of personification time. Yet, there they were — a fans — still wearing out an already meagre cupcake joke, holding signs and heckling.

But it was this pointer that took, um — a self-evident cupcake:

Oklahoma City Thunder fans: still trolling postgame.

So, a chairman holding this pointer appears to be a white female, who has incited Durant’s final name into a following acronym:

  • Deserter
  • Unreliable
  • Ring Chaser
  • Abandoner
  • Nappy Hair
  • Traitor

First, let’s get a spelling emanate out of a way: “Abandoner” is not a word in a English language.

But, some-more critical about this sign, is a extremist criticism about Durant’s hair. NFL columnist Mike Freeman tweeted an suitable response to this woman’s definitely abominable behavior:

Mike Freeman around Twitter

And … it is tough to disremember a obvious, that is that this Thunder fan substantially had another word in mind that starts with a minute “N.” But a word that finished adult on a pointer is equally vile.

Yes, folks, this is a gutter, and it was a injustice of some Thunder fans hot over that dragged everybody by a sewage.

In a shitty muck, it is tough not to feel some magnetism for Russell Westbrook. Sure, he’s finished his satisfactory share of trolling his former teammate given he left town. But he stays an African American man, innate and lifted in Southern California, personification in a tiny city — for a fan bottom that was discerning to uncover a ugliest side. It is puzzled that he didn’t suffer a heckling and conclude a approach a Thunder loyal attempted to hearten on his team. But Westbrook is intelligent adequate to know that if a fans could snap on Durant a approach they did, there is zero interlude them from branch on him in identical ways a second he does something they don’t like.

For Durant, this knowledge contingency have served as acknowledgment that he finished a right choice to leave Oklahoma City. Asked postgame about being called a cupcake, Durant said, “I’ve been called worse in my life. we was counted out before we was even born. Ain’t zero new.”

Those sobering comments reason loyal for Westbrook, too, and what he saw occur to Durant on Saturday night maybe serves as a unpleasant reminder.

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