Three Warriors are tighten to a famed 50-40-90 mark

The 50-40-90 bar is an disdainful bar for usually a best and well-rounded shooters in NBA history. In a bottom 10 society, these determined benchmarks are an intensely capricious though fun approach to establish who a many fit scorers are.

The clarification is simple: fire during slightest 50% from a field, 40% from 3-point range, and 90% from a giveaway chuck line, and as prolonged as we accommodate a smallest series of compulsory shots, you’re in a club. It’s a formidable attainment to accomplish since not usually contingency a actor be an extraordinary shooter to strike that rate of 3-pointers and giveaway throws, they contingency be well-rounded adequate as a scorer to be good above normal in potency to cranky a 50% margin idea commission threshold.

In new years, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry have achieved it once. Steve Nash achieved it 4 times! The usually other active actor to come tighten is Jose Calderon, who would’ve upheld a thresholds if he had strike dual some-more of his margin idea attempts in 2008.

This year, 3 Warriors are shutting in on a benchmarks. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant are 3 of a best shooters and scorers in a league, and a fact that teammates competence grasp this eminence is ridiculous.

Steph Curry is maybe a many expected to make a 50-40-90 bar (again!). He is now sharpened 48.5% from a field, 40.3% from three, and 93.4% from a line. After struggling with his 3 indicate shot early in a season, he bumped his 3 indicate rate adult roughly dual commission points in a Warriors’ win opposite Memphis on Dec 30th. All he has to do is fire a small improved from a field.

Kevin Durant is roughly there as well. He’s sharpened 50.2% from a field, 39.5% from three, and 89.1% from a line. While we do envision his margin idea commission to stay above 50%, he’s frequency shot 40% from 3 and 90% from a line in his career. If a Warriors’ offense earnings to a early deteriorate levels, he’ll make it.

Klay Thompson is a usually Warrior totally protected on 3-point percentage, attack 45.0% of his threes. But his 48.4% from a margin and 88.5% from a line will be tough for him to urge on, deliberation those are his career highs. Still, a clever finish to a deteriorate can simply pull him over a edge.

The 50-40-90 symbol is substantially antiquated, and really a small meaningless. But it reveals how historically good Curry, Thompson, and Durant are, and how propitious Warriors fans are to have them all in their primes.

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