Three Dallas Cowboys Players Primed For Pro Bowl Debut This Season

Over a final 10 years, a Cowboys have sent 64 players to a Pro Bowl, some-more than a Giants (33) and Redskins (30) combined, and some-more than any other organisation in a league. Here are a 5 teams that sent a many players to a final 10 Pro Bowls:

Cowboys: 64

Patriots: 59

Broncos: 53

Ravens: 52

Vikings: 49

To a certain degree, a Pro Bowl is a approval contest, yet it is a approval competition that is heavily lopsided towards a many successful teams during a finish of any season. And being a renouned organisation doesn’t automatically pledge we any Pro Bowlers (The Patriots are flattering popular, yet usually had 4 Pro Bowlers final year). And even being a Cowboy is not an involuntary shoe-in: a Cowboys have oscillated from a high of 13 in 2007 to lows of 3 in 2011 and 2012, and notwithstanding finishing with their best record of a final 10 years in 2016 usually sent 7 players to a Pro Bowl.

The prolonged and brief of it is that a Cowboys have finished sparse good during drafting and building destiny Pro Bowlers both historically and in a new past. Too bad it hasn’t resulted in some-more post-season success recently.

But behind to a subject during hand: We’re looking for Cowboys players who could make their Pro Bowl entrance this season, so that apparently manners out a 11 players now on a register that have already done a Pro Bowl and have sum for 28 Pro Bowl invitations over a final 10 years

7 Pro Bowls: Jason Witten (10x Pro Bowler over whole career)

4 Pro Bowls: Tyron Smith

3 Pro Bowls: Dez Bryant, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin

2 pro Bowls: Sean Lee, Alfred Morris (with Redskins)

1 Pro Bowl: Dan Bailey, L.P. Ladouceur, Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott

That still leaves a lot of Cowboys players authorised to make their Pro Bowl debut. One of those players has already taken himself out of a using for a Pro Bowl this year: David Irving is not authorised for Pro Bowl care once his cessation is confirmed.

The many apparent place to demeanour for Pro Bowl newbies are former first-rounders who haven’t been to a Pro Bowl yet: Byron Jones, titular first-rounder La’el Collins, and Taco Charlton.

There are also a few veterans who’ve during slightest been on a periphery of a Pro Bowl review before. Last year, when a Cowboys stormed to a 13-3 unchanging deteriorate record, a following players were ranked in a tip 5 of a Pro Bowl fan ballot during their positions, yet eventually didn’t make it:

Punter: Chris Jones (4th among punters)

Special Teams: Jeff Heath (3rd)

Returner: Lucky Whitehead (5th)

Other veterans value considering:

Orlando Scandrick: Scandrick played a Pro Bowl-worthy deteriorate in 2014 yet missed out on post-season honors due to his suspension.

Tyrone Crawford: Crawford is personification on a Pro Bowl-worthy contract, yet injuries have hold him behind a final dual years. is this a year he finally lives adult to his contract?

Maliek Collins: Impressed with 5 sacks in his rookie season, even after blank many of training stay with a damaged foot. A full year of NFL strength and conditioning, joined with some-more experience, competence concede him to urge on his rookie pouch total. And if he gets 8 or some-more sacks as a defensive tackle, he’s in a Pro Bowl conversation.

Jonathan Cooper: It’s distant from certain that Cooper will even make a final 53-man roster. But if he does, he has 3 critical things going for him: A first-round breeze extraction is always a reward for voters; he has a form of name approval that’s always a and in a Pro Bowl process; his would be a quip story that’s firm to ring over usually a Dallas fans.

You might wish to supplement some-more names for consideration, yet we consider a 10 names above are a good organisation from that to slight down a contention to 3 names. So yet serve ado, here are a 3 players we consider could make their Pro Bowl entrance this season.

La’el Collins: Despite his standing as an undrafted giveaway agent, or maybe precisely since of that, Collins has a name approval that’s so critical for descent linemen to get voted to a Pro Bowl, as there aren’t a lot of stats by that to magnitude particular accomplishments for linemen. But as partial of a Cowboys O-line, and generally if he plays good during a some-more manifest right tackle spot, his chances are good to accept an invitation to Orlando.

Maliek Collins: Like with descent linemen, it can be harder for defensive linemen to make a Pro Bowl if they don’t have some name recognition, and Collins doesn’t unequivocally have many name approval outward of Dallas. Which means he’ll have to stir with a usually stat that depends for a Pro Bowl voters: sacks.

According to Pro Football Reference, 78 defensive tackles have done a Pro Bowl in a final 10 years, usually 22 of that posted 8 or some-more sacks in their Pro Bowl season. Eight sacks will substantially be a smallest entrance threshold for Collins, a double-digit sum would be better. Can he do that? There’s no reason because he shouldn’t be means to urge on his 5-sack rookie total, yet will he urge enough?

A yet-to-be-determined defensive back. Just like sacks are a Pro Bowl banking of choice for defensive linemen, interceptions are a bullion customary for defensive backs. Last year, Byron Jones, Orlando Scandrick, Anthony Brown, and Jeff Heath any had one insignificant interception. With a small bit of luck, that could change this year, yet presaging that defensive behind (especially with a liquid or rookie DBs) will get a many interceptions is subsequent to impossible, yet we consider that Byron Jones, might have a best chances.

Who are your choices for a player(s) many expected to make their Pro Bowl debut?

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