Thompson: Golden State Warriors could win 75 games

OAKLAND — The Warriors are going to set a NBA record for wins in a season. Barring poignant injury, a 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ symbol of 72 wins is going down.

Here is a furious thought: a Warriors could get to 75 wins.

They have 15 games remaining. The many they have mislaid during any 15-game widen this deteriorate is dual games. So if a Warriors (61-6) were to tighten a deteriorate 12-3, it would be their biggest unemployment of a deteriorate — and they would still finish 73-9 and mangle a record. Which means 13-2 is realistic, 14-1 possible. Finishing 75-7 isn’t so crazy.

Yes, Andre Iguodala’s damage is a complicating factor. He is a relaxing presence, a defensive stopper, and a pivotal playmaker off a bench. But a Warriors can tarry it. They already have; they’re 6-1 though him this season.

And even during 61-6, a Warriors have copiousness of motivation. Besides a Bulls’ record, there is a possibility to go 41-0 during home. Oh, and there are a San Antonio Spurs (57-10) respirating down their necks for a No. 1 seed in a Western Conference

So these final 15 games matter. With that in mind, it’s formidable to see a Warriors losing, as it has been all season. But let’s take a demeanour anyway.

At Dallas: The final time they were in Dallas, a Warriors were blown out as Stephen Curry complacent a calf injury. Curry is behind now and a Warriors have punish as a motive. The Mavericks are good adequate to keep a Warriors focused, though not good adequate to kick a focused Warriors’ squad.

At San Antonio: One thing we know about a Warriors — when they unequivocally wish to win a game, they do. Two of their waste came though Curry, their best player. One though Draymond Green, their second-best player. The 3 “healthy” waste were trap games a Warriors sleepwalked by opposite defective teams (Milwaukee, Detroit, a Los Angeles Lakers) and paid a price. But opposite a tip opponents, they always arise to a occasion. The Warriors are 18-0 opposite a 10 best annals behind them, winning by an normal of 12 points.

On tip of that, a Warriors are sleepy of conference about not carrying won a regular-season diversion in San Antonio given 1997. They will unequivocally wish to win this game. Which expected means they will win it.

At Minnesota: When a Warriors lose, it’s this kind of game. But they will have a day off and a annoying Mar 6 detriment to a Lakers is still uninformed in their minds.

Home contra Clippers: The Warriors only adore violence a Clippers. Considering they are a probable second-round opponent, design a Warriors to send a message.

Home contra Mavericks, 76ers, Wizards: Chalk ’em all adult as wins since a Warriors unequivocally wish to go undefeated during home. Dallas and Washington are good adequate to keep a Warriors awake, Philadelphia is so bad a Warriors could sleepwalk to victory.

Golden State Draymond Green Stephen Curry applaud a basket

At Utah: This is a rough one. The Warriors kick a Jazz flattering handily in Oakland final week. But Utah plays good invulnerability and slows a diversion down. It roughly worked a final time a Warriors were in Salt Lake City. This competence have been a detriment if a Warriors hadn’t mentally circled Utah on their schedule. The final revisit was punctuated by controversy; a internal Jazz author dissapoint a Warriors by suggesting that Curry and Green lacked honour for a Jazz. That stirred a Twitter response from a Warriors’ stars, that shows how many it mattered to them. Those dual are a wrong players to prod.

Home contra Celtics: Like Utah, a Celtics give a Warriors some problems. They have special parts, generally on defense, that make a Warriors work harder than many teams. Boston is well-coached and can be bomb on offense. Don’t see them winning in Oracle, however.

Home contra Trail Blazers: Last time Oakland local Damian Lillard played in Oracle, he was ineffectual and a Blazers were routed. Expect a improved plea from Portland though not adequate to win.

Home contra Timberwolves: Don’t even consider about it.

Home contra Spurs: This matchup will be crucial. If a Warriors have won both prior meetings, a Spurs will be dynamic to take behind some of a psychological advantage a Warriors would lift into a probable Western Conference finals. If a array is split, both teams will be angling for a mental edge. This diversion competence be a biggest risk to a Warriors’ home win streak.

At Memphis: With no Marc Gasol, out for a deteriorate with an injury, a Grizzlies only don’t have a firepower to hang.

At San Antonio: This competence be a “rest game” for both teams. If a Warriors are 3-0 opposite San Antonio during this point, it would be startling to see Curry and Green in uniform.

Home contra Grizzlies: If a event is there to finish a 41-0 home season, that no group has done, Curry will make certain they win.

So, if we assume one detriment to a Spurs, where is a subsequent one? It’s satisfactory to assume one slip-up game, as that has been a trap that gets them. So during Utah or during Minnesota, or home opposite Boston maybe. The Warriors competence have one startling detriment left in them.

That puts them during 8 losses. It would take dual some-more — 4 waste in 15 games — for them to tumble brief of 73. Four waste in 15 games? Not these Warriors.

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