This Pittsburgh Penguin got positively smoked by Terrell Owens …

Penguins defenseman Kris Letang has been removing some offseason training in after recuperating from a herniated front that ended his season in April. Unfortunately for Letang, this new hitch of training has usually served to confuse a defenseman when former NFL far-reaching receiver Terrell Owens came to play.

And play he did, as Owens positively smoked Letang on a slight deke that left a Penguins defenseman in a dirt and out of support on a video in a heartbeat.

There he goes…

It usually seems satisfactory now that Owens has to edging adult skates and go one-on-one with Letang on a ice as a NHL deteriorate approaches. Considering a silky hands and skates Letang possesses in his healthy element, we could be looking during utterly a payback.

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